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Hi, everyone.

I finally decided to go ahead and give a blog a try. Why? Cause I’m always looking and daydreaming about having my own blog, so I’ve gathered the courage to start one.

(I really should be going to the gym, but the world decided to pour outside). ugh.

That’s one thing you can expect. I talk to myself. A lot.

And I’m pretty lazy too (hence using the blog as an excuse).


But nope, I’m moving and forcing myself to go work out. Once I’m there I know I’ll enjoy it.

So, hope you poke around and I will see you back soon with a get to know me post! :)


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

6 thoughts on “hello!

  1. Just want to wish you good luck with your blog! I’m a newbie as well; I started blogging in February.


    • Thank you so much Cindy! I’m always fascinated with the blogging community and let’s see where it will take us! I browsed your site and truly liked it! :) Good luck on yours as well!


  2. Congrats on starting–that is the toughest part. It rained all day here as well…


  3. Hi Andrea, thank you for the follow. Good luck and good job with your blog. I’m going to keep checking back.


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