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25 things about me

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* picture by Ellie Berry Photography.

As promised, here are 25 facts about me (in no real order of importance).

1. I’m easily distracted by any cute animal.

2. I’m terrified of driving. (i still do, if you are wondering. it just brings me no pleasure whatsoever)

3. I love dressing up, but the moment I get home it’s PJ time.

4. I  have at least 10 high heels in my closet, but I hate high heels.

5. You can never go wrong if you invite me to eat pasta.

6. Carbonara, preferably.

7. No matter what comes on the radio, my heart belongs to Mae. (you should seriously check it out)

8. Even though Mirror, by J.T. has to be my current favorite song.

9. I’m the living proof that long distance relationships do work. (3.5 years in different countries, beat that!)

10. I never once regretted leaving my life behind and following my heart.

11. We’ve celebrated two weddings in less than a year.

12. Our first anniversary is just days away (time flies by when you’re in bliss!)

13. We’ve adopted a kitty last June (2013) and I may, or may not, love her too much.

14. I day dream of a white picket fence house to raise our future kids.

15. I pin far more DIYs than I will ever accomplish.

16. No matter if i go to the gym, or am on a diet, I need chocolate every day to behave like a caring human being.

17. Make that any type of sweets, actually.

18. I plan on having at least one picnic this year.

19. I have an amazing sister who’s proven me that I may end up liking all the veggies, fruits and salads i currently don’t.

20. My whole family is far, far, far away in the other side of this continent.

21. I’m a scorpio, but no one can see that in me. (i hope it means something good).

22. I’ve wanted to be all things when I grew up: doctor, psychologist, teacher, nurse. I ended up being a designer, because I love drawing.

23. I still watch animes. (and love them)

24. I am a hopeless romantic.

25. I will always believe in the best of people, and I will always have your back, until you break my trust.


Well, there you go. Now you know a little of me and my world. So, if you’d please leave something of you on the comments, we can get to know each other!



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

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