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that time I learnt to be alone

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Tonight I had one of the hardest debates with myself (it may sound crazy to you, but i have those all the time).

When, for various reasons, all my friends cancelled going to this concert right down the street from work, I had a decision to make: go back home or face my biggest fear and actually attend it alone?

I decided to warm myself to the idea and walked down, to check the place out. I had a free beer ticket, so I put that to good use and kept looking around, trying to blend in and not look too awkward being there by myself.


The area is great, there were so many families, couples, teens, bikers. But I had yet to find someone like me, alone.

It felt awkward. Like everyone was staring at me being alone and feeling sad for me. I admit, I felt sorry for myself. But every 15min I got acquainted with my own company, my own comments and remarks, and it didn’t feel that bad.

When the music started I lost myself in the moment. And I loved it.


The first band, One More, had this guy who kept changing masks throughout the show, and the kids were blown away. That definitely put a smile on my face.


Soon the main band went up the stage. These guys are amazing! They are from Germany, and play all sorts of rock!


I mean, look at them! It’s called Herr Metal, and they sound great, and look fantastic! As soon as they came up, I decided to leave my little nook and go stand by the stage. Best.decision.ever.


I realized doing this was what I wanted, and I wouldn’t give that up just because I had to be alone.

It took courage, guts, and a whole lot of willpower. But I stayed. For 3 hours, I connected with myself. I saw many familiar faces, many clients and their families, and I realized, it’s ok to be alone. It’s sad, but it’s rewarding, and I left the concert feeling empowered.

Silly? Maybe. But it was a step up for me, personally.

How do you guys behave alone?

My next fear to be conquered is eating alone. That will need a lot more convincing.



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

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