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musings of a friday night

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It finally happened: we got everyone together to go to the Friday Night Live after work. Boy, is it tough when you weigh in a baby, spouses, siblings, and everyone’s agenda.


It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day and we took advantage of it by leaving work and heading there to enjoy some great music.


the hubs, me, Alicia, Michelle and Bobby

I loved having the group together. Even this cutie, who was as well behaved as a 2 month old can be on her first concert. We had a whole balancing act happening, and she even helped holding the bottle.



My brother in law lives 5 minutes away so he can always enjoy it, and I’m happy he was able to come again. I know the hubs was glad he had someone, besides us girls, to talk to during the event.




The night was great, 80’s never disappoint (even if it’s not my favorite style, I must confess my husband listens to it so often I know a bunch of songs already).


It’s safe to say the night was eventful. It was filled with ups and had a little downs. And whenever downs happen I go into emotional lockdown. Does anyone else?


I shut down to process things. I wonder if i’m exaggerating or if the issue was bad. Things are still processing in my overactive brain vs. heart battle. I wish I could say they are disagreeing, but both of them scream the same thing back at me. How do you guys deal with it?


I’m trying, but my emotions are always louder than logic. One look and you know when I’m trying too hard. So what do you do? 

I decide to keep on going. To shove everything into the lockdown and force it down my throat. To not think of the whys, what ifs and how comes. And then I focus on the good stuff. On the magical afternoon with people I love, people that make me laugh, with people that love me. And while it won’t resolve the matter, it definitely helps. It calms my heart.

There is a plan for me, for all of us, out there. And I have to trust it. I want to. Because whatever the plan is, it brought me this far, to a different, sometimes alien country; it brought me to beautiful friendships, to a loving family and husband, and I will keep trusting the plan.







Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

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