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just breathe

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Life is funny sometimes. The way things happen makes you wonder if life has periods of calm, just to throw you into a whirlwind of a mess. Let’s hope this is the storm before the calm. ‘Cause honestly, universe, it’s not funny anymore.

As you can imagine, I’m still brooding after not resolving anything this past week. Well, not all true. Here it is!



Car has its brand new tires! Whew, at least one thing got done. The tires I had in before were 8 (!!!) years old, so they needed to go. Especially before the trip we are going on for 4th of July.


Friday I hung out with my brother in law and my really good friend, Alicia and the adorable 3 month old Emma. I did, though, freak out, when I learnt I’d been driving on an expired driver’s license for the past week! ( just to add to my mountain of headaches). So guess what? This gal has her license, but isn’t listed on the website as a VA driver. Oh, the joy. Add DMV to our pit stops to fix this, all the while leaving the car and taking the bus to work and back. Fun times, I tell ya.

Good thing we live within 3 minutes from the nearest DMV, so tomorrow I’m grabbing my papers and hopefully I’ll be able to drive to or from my sister’s this Thursday.

Oh, yeah! I’m finally going to my sister’s house and I’m dying to hang out with her and the brother-in-law. They truly are amazing people. I am a little worried about my asthma flaring up (they have lovely doggies, but turns out I’m extremely allergic to them). And with allergies, comes asthma. yay!

The second best thing? Brazil is playing the Quarter Finals on the 4th! SO excited!

Yesterday was a time to get home and get started on some chores, but not before stopping to draw and relax.



My little helper doesn’t like sharing my lap with my drawings, but sometimes we just have to, right?

She’s actually doing this cute thing whenever the turn on the faucet, so I tried to film it. It’s on my instagram, just watch it here!


Today we are off to a family gathering. My husband’s family lives mostly in Michigan, and some of them are here, so it’s time to soak up some family time and relax. License, passports, cleaning, laundry and all the problems will have to wait until tomorrow. Today I strive to have fun.





Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

One thought on “just breathe

  1. Hahaha my kitty does the same thing almost every morning when I turn on the faucet! So cute!


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