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I have a love/hate relationship with living in the country. I love being able to have so much privacy, of visiting small mom/pop shops and really knowing everyone around. But I am a spoiled city girl that likes having grocery stores and entertainment 5 minutes away, and that shrieks when she encounters a bug. Any bug.

We had been planning for over a month now to get together with my sister and brother in law to celebrate the 4th of July. I love them. They have a piece of my heart in their hands and it makes me so happy to just be there with them. It just feels right.

Turns out Brazil was going to play their Quarter Final game on the 4th, so of course my sister and i had to represent, wearing bright yellow to root for our team (we are soccer aficionados during World Cup).



They planned a barbecue at their house, with a handful of really good friends. B. and I know most of them, since they are a tight knit group, and it was wonderful seeing all of them. We spent a great day just lounging, watching the game, talking. This is what small town life should be.


The guys got into a corn hole game that lasted hours, and they actually really surprised us with their balancing skills. And B. nailed it with his pose!



After the guys were done with their soccer match (in which the ball flew over the fence at least 50 times more often than anyone scored), we all sat together to play a card game that I’ve never heard before.


It’s such a weird/fun game. I will still rather play something like apples to apples just because this game is unpredictable, but I’m sure it’s more fun the more times you play. We were exhausted by the end of the day, so off to bed we went.

Saturday morning my sister and I woke up at 8am to go to Yoga. On the way there we stopped first at their Farmer’s Market, located into a community in Ocean Breeze (I think that’s what it was called). They were also having a garage sale and we scored a sweater for $3! Love this!


The farmer’s Market is gorgeous! Not too big, but you end up knowing everyone. It’s a perfect place tucked away, and you really do feel welcome, and feel the sense of community. That sums up small towns to me, and I definitely love it.

After a surprisingly hard Yoga class (which made me want to invest in a matt to do one at my gym) we walked around Berlin until our husbands got out of bed to join us. Berlin is the town that always catches my heart, no matter how many times I go. I love the feel, i love the decor and I love browsing the antiques. I never buy anything, but it’s such a cute town!



We ended up at the Atlantic Hotel for lunch, where they had this amazing Broccoli Quiche on the menu. My sister and I jumped on it while the hubs went for sandwiches and fries. We were seating next to this couple who was celebrating their Anniversary, and we ended up engaging into a conversation. They were really nice and our table was the life of the place.



These are memories that I keep on me: the laughs about how my sister and I mispronounce things, from cataloupe to Rin Tin Tin, lunch was a never ending occurrence of deep belly laughs.




After lunch we split up again and went to get ice cream at a shop just off of route 50. It’s a small locally produced ice cream shop, one that my sister raved about, so of course we wanted to go. It didn’t disappoint. It was small, not fancy at all, but their ice cream was fabulous. I wish I had a picture of it, but alas, it was so good, and so hot out that I immediately devoured mine.



We went back to their house, where my sister and I walked around discussing more projects (I swear they never stop improving that house, and it already looks phenomenal) and tossing ideas back and forth. Just after 8pm, B. and I packed up and drove all the way back to good ole virginia. I drove that road for the first time, and it went surprisingly well. Yay for my driving skills!

I got home and was super excited with home improvement ideas brewing in my head. I don’t think the hubs is as excited as I am, but I have that itch on my fingertips to reach for some paint!

My sister also has a way of bringing me some calm. When I let stress take over my body, she reminds me to breathe, reminds me life takes you to places you didn’t necessarily see coming, but she reminded me to trust my heart. To follow my dreams, and to not be discouraged by bumps in the road.

She is wise, that one. Fierce, passionate, bossy, but incredibly wise and kind. I’m proud of the woman she is now. And I always wish we saw each other more frequently.

Hope you all had a great 4th, hope none of you was hit by that storm (we had a few cars hit by branches at our community), and enjoyed your family or friends.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

5 thoughts on “small town love

  1. The true meaning of happiness. :)


  2. The farmer’s market looks lovely! I’m definitel a country person, I like the quietness, no rush, people are usually more friendly, etc. I’ve lived in big cities but never liked it. It’s convenient, but….. too much people, lol :)


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I think you’ve stopped by in the past. I appreciate it. Hope you’ll come back soon. :)


    • Most definitely. I tend not to comment too often (a lot of times I’m browsing when I have a break at work), but I do follow your blog and always visit when it pops on my feed. I think you have a fascinating way of writing about your struggles and successes and life experiences. Hope you pop over for more things from me as well! :)


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