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the need to feel at home

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I’m no stranger to moving. Specially moving to other countries. This is my third time being away from home, and it’s also my final. Because this is home now. This is where my ship sailed, to anchor itself to another for life.

I’ve moved to Germany for a year. On my own, at 16. My parents sure were glad that I was so childish and naïve, because it’s no easy feat being by yourself in a different country. But you grow. One of the hardest parts was making myself at home. And I don’t mean it as any offense at all to the wonderful families that took me in. The Werners, the Schmid-Loertzers and the Horns took me in as if I were one of them. They truly became my family.

But it’s about your home, your pictures on the wall, your touches to the area outside of your room. That one adds a feeling of belonging, at least to me. It’s your little haven away from the outside world.

Moving for the second time with my parents to America was a lot easier. We were together, our struggles, wins and losses were shared. We all helped each other. The house was our home – for two years at least. And we made sure to put our touches on everything. My mom was a master of putting the house together as fast as possible so we’d feel a little less homesick. And that definitely helped.

After meeting my husband, (then boyfriend) and having to move back to Brazil there was clearly a shift in my perception. Call it intuition, but the moment I left the US, I knew I was leaving my home. Being back in Brazil did little to soothe me. I became the odd woman out. I couldn’t view what had been my reality for 24+ years as home. I just couldn’t.

Walls started to have pictures of my life in the US, of friends I had made there, of things I wish I could still do. In my mind, as much as that was my home town, it seized to be my home. When mom moved away and so did most of the pictures of the family around the house, that’s when I started to be in the real limbo. My bedroom was once again my haven, the only place where I was still surrounded by the life I wanted to have.

Fast forward, I finally moved back, the boyfriend became the husband, and with him came an extended family with wonderful, warm people. This became home almost instantly on the outside. We are still working towards making the house we live in a home. I know I drive my husband nuts with all the little things I want to have done around the house.

It’s more than a house to me. It’s where we started our little family, where we wrote part of our story, where we have our laid back nights, our pillow talks, where me make plans. It’s our home. And I need it to look and feel like it, instead of a house I moved in to.

Little by little it’s becoming more like a home every day. We still haven’t touched any of the walls, but that’s my next big project in the place. Can’t wait to share that. But here are some nooks and crannies and details that I’m loving so far.


tv_rackAs you can see this is our tv rack ( we are still working on hiding the cables). We wanted a place to display some of the wonderful things we used as décor on our wedding. Still not sure if they are all matching, but until we find a place for the flyers memorabilia (maybe a couple shelves on the opposite wall?) they reside there too.



Nothing makes me happier than flowers, but with a kitten that thinks they are toys the route is to find silk flowers that will stand the test of time. We don’t drink wine, but we do save the corks when we have something in the house, or when we have champagne or a fancy beer, so we put them in there. It’s fun to look back and see what we were doing, a little bit of our story. Again, we used the vintage luggages from our wedding décor as a table next to the tv rack. The picture frame I found at Jo Ann’s and I knew I had to have it.



This is our office nook. I’m still trying to find a nice half bookcase (you know the ones that won’t go up to the ceiling, they are more horizontal) to replace this old chest and reuse it by the foot of our bed, but I love how we have sentimental pictures to us there. On the left is the hubby and his brother with his Grandpa, middle one is one from our wedding and right one if from our anniversary. On top there are some of the watercolor work I’ve done. Even that orchid is sentimental – it was the first ever decoration we got to the house (thanks sis!)


Today we are hosting a nice BBQ to watch the finals on the World Cup. Is anyone else following it?


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

One thought on “the need to feel at home

  1. a casinha está ficando lindíssima. aproveite bastante, gatona, que você merece encontrar a felicidade em todas as pequenas coisas. :) ah, PS: quero umas aquarelas dessas pro meu quarto. please and thank you. :)


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