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This past weekend was great. Friday I found myself at the Friday Night Live concert yet again with people I adore. Saturday night we went to Fridays with my husband’s friends all the way back from high school. It was a great night, up until the point where our waiter flat out quit during the meal.

He sounded like the nicest guy, but even we could tell that the table next to us was giving him grief. I truly don’t remember all the details, but at the end he pretty much paid for their service (in terms of drinks returned, tips for the servers/bartender, etc).

We ended up leaving him extra nice tips to buy himself a shot and get over this day. We don’t know if he pocketed the money, or what, but it was the least we could do.

Yesterday I woke up with the worst allergies I’ve had in a while. No amount of allergy medicine was helping me out. I was pretty much a bum for the whole morning, just lazing around on the couch, watching tv and calling my family on Skype.

Then the hubs woke up and we decided to go to Leesburg for a quick lunch. Leesburg is not that far from our house, and you most likely know by now that I am enamored with old towns.

car ride leesburg

I did know about a few attractions, but I mainly prefer to just park the car and explore the city. We stopped and went to lunch first, because, you know, we are hungry people.

Downtown Leesburg

The streets were pretty deserted, which made us wonder whether most places were even open, but we just walked up and down the road until we picked out a place. I really liked the menu options from the Old Town Grill, so that’s where we ended up going.

Old Tavern Leesburg

The place is pretty dark inside, but so were most of the places we’ve been too. Almost reminded me of the underground pubs in London.

Old Town Grill Leesburg

It was pretty cozy though, and to the right was a nice fireplace. It was Sunday, and fairly late for lunch (about 4pm), but a lot of tourists were coming in.

Old Town Grill Leesburg

I ordered the Blue Cheese Burger, and oh dear, can you see the blue cheese? I died. I haven’t had blue cheese in a while, so I couldn’t miss it. The hubs had a normal Angus Burger, but I can’t pass up my cheese.

After lunch we walked around downtown, taking note of the gorgeous houses and shops.


I was particularly fond of this sign. Call me crazy, but I would love to have that in my garage. It’s so quirky.


We were walking for a bit and bumped into this house. I looked at Brian and we had the same look in our eyes: this is the one! If we could buy any house today, we’d be living there. No questions asked. It had everything we looked for: a great outdoor space, a huge tree in the front ward with a swing, gorgeous porch, sunroom, oh wow.

Naturally there’s no way we could afford something like that, but we love houses with character, and there was no shortage of that in this house.

Historic Leesburg

We passed this beautiful portal on the way to our car and I had to document it. So beautiful!

If I could pick today, I’d be living in a historic part like this. I know probably the rules and the up keeping are taxing on the home owners, but come on guys, it’s my dream. To leave my house and see this instead of 30 other look alike houses.

The search continues, the dream of having our own house. While that doesn’t happen we have a lot more historic cities to fall in love with.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

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