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on sharing good news


And ta-da. Welcome to the new each lovely thing! I was feeling an itch to update the layout- I felt the other one was too busy, and I wanted something clean, and white – and blue! So, here we go.

It may change again in the future, but probably nothing too major.

I forgot to say this past weekend I may have gone a little crazy on buying shoes. Oops. Well, in my defense for each pair purchased I donated a pair from my closet (my husband is happy since I haven’t outgrown my shelves yet).

payless shoes

And on even better news than shoes (is there such thing?) I have my passport! *angels sing in heaven!* Lord knows how long it took us to deal with all the paperwork (did anyone say a 3rd wedding officiated in brazil?) and papers, and witnesses, and notary public visits, and scanning and emailing and whew. We’re done. Done! Oh, what a joy!


brazilian passport


Life has been treating me well. Now this Thursday we are off buying the tickets to spend a wonderful New Year’s with my beloved parents! Couldn’t be happier. It will definitely be quite the change from Winter to blazing hot Summer, but I’m super excited to share all our New Year’s traditions with the hubs. I’ll share more of that when it’s closer.

Today work was really slow, as in painfully slow, with a lot of no-shows. So my mother in law took 10 minutes out to teach me a bit about watercolor, and she kindly let me use her stuff to train it.

I present you, my first ever dab with watercolor paint! I’ve done a little bit with pencils, but there’s just no comparison.




In  other news we are getting new company in about 3 days here at the house, and I’m sure Aeris won’t be happy with sharing her mom and dad. But my sister would agree with me – the more, the merrier.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

3 thoughts on “on sharing good news

  1. Those shoes are adorable. I am trying to update my theme too! (:


    • thanks! My husband made fun of the 3 sandals because they are pretty much “the same” and all I said was: when you find the one you buy it in every color. haha

      I think it’s refreshing, to update every now and then. I just wanted the pictures to be the focus, the other theme had too many elements. :) Can’t wait to see yours!


      • I feel that I’m the same type person. If I find something I like then I have to have it in every color.


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