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Harpers Ferry + more snuggles

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Hi everyone. It’s been just a couple days since I last updated (and thank you so much for the positive response!).

Lots of things happened in this household, so let’s start with the beginning of weekend.

I had dropped a hint that we were about to get some company, and as of Friday we are the proud fosters of: Rye & Rory.




Due to some unfortunate circumstances, this is Rory & Rye’s 3rd residence in their short lives. And it’s also their temporary one. We’d love to be able to keep them, but if you’re with me for a little you know that we already own one cat, and the HOA policy does not allow 3 pets.

Also, we can’t. We know that pets take love, but they also take resources. We had quite the scare earlier this year with Aeris and we know how expensive vet bills can be. We can’t afford that many.

So if you know of anyone in the DMV area looking for kittens, these two cuties are brother and sister and have a clean bill of health. The female tortoise is a bit skittish, but she’s already cuddling to us, and it’s our second day with her. The male is super cuddly and is a pur machine.

For those of you wondering, Aeris isn’t loving it, but with time we hope she gets better. We would love to not have to split the siblings, but even one cat adoption will be gladly accepted. Well, leave bellow your experiences with fosters if you have one, or tips on how to make the transition better for our furry child. I hate seeing her so distressed with these new visitors.

In other news, yesterday B’s parents invited us to Harpers Ferry, in WV. That place is gorgeous. You know I’m in love with all historic towns, and this one if no different.
It was about 1h drive, in which, naturally I fell asleep on the way there and back. It’s an important Civil War battleground, and it’s impressive how much is still preserved, to this day.

Harpers Ferry

There were a lot of people Tubbing and rafting on the Potomac river, and oh my gosh, it looked so fun! Definitely on the Bucket List for next summer – this summer B and I are pretty much laying low.

Potomac at Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry



Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry


There were so many cute places to sit outside. My father in law did some research though, and found this “hole in the wall” places that had zero charm, but had the best philly cheese steak I’ve ever had. No one complained about the food.


All in all, Harpers Ferry added my love for small towns, and with places like this, there’s no reason not to love it.



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Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

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