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taking a leap


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My family always called me a dreamer. Actually, I was a hard child to raise in the sense where I saw possibilities everywhere. I dreamt of being so many things after I grew up, I’d over analyze my options and try to guess which one would take me to where I wanted to be.

The same can be said for today. I have a plan. I guess most of us do. My plan isn’t concrete and this is where it gets exciting. Not knowing the middle, but knowing where you want it to end. That does make life a little hard though. There are so many possibilities to start – that could take me to my dream, but I’m scared of the first step.

Actually, I wouldn’t use the word scared. Reluctant. I see people succeeding all around me and it terrifies me to think that I will embark in something that won’t. So I grow used to where I am. I’m reluctant to make a change if I don’t have guarantees that it’ll work.

I can hear my mom saying that life is about that – easy for her to say. She wanted to be a doctor from the moment she got out of the womb. Her calling was medicine. I’m still waiting around to hear mine. My eyes are drawn to various fields around me. I want to learn calligraphy, I want to learn how to take beautiful photographs, to watercolor, to be the queen of DIYs. It’s all here, in my mind. All my cards waiting for their chance to be played.

Well. I decided to stop dreaming. We are now doing. It starts today – and it starts with me.

We are now back in business in this whirlwind mind of mine. And after I buy that “buy the class”button one of the plans will be set in motion. And I’m super excited to see where it’ll take me.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

5 thoughts on “taking a leap

  1. I also have that dreaming but reluctant problem. I think the biggest thing is that the hobbies that i love and would love to do everyday don’t make the money and where I live you have to make the money or your homeless due to such high living costs…. Good luck on all your endeavours!


    • that’s the first thing my mom said when I wanted to pursue art – so we compromised and I got my BA in Graphic Design. Luckily most of my hobbies can be added on to my field. Thank you so much, and don’t be discouraged – sometimes hobbies are fun not because they will make you money, but because they’ll make you happier. And I always think it’s a good enough reason to pursue at least one of them. :)


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