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it’s his day!


For all of you that don’t know, Father’s Day in Brazil is today. So it’s a given that I must stop and cherish mine.

fathers day


(photography Ellie Berry)

Dad, today is the day for me to stop and look back on all the things you’ve ever done for me. Things that I’m sure weren’t easy, but that you sacrificed for us.

I’m sure the list is infinitely longer than what I can think of, which only makes me appreciate you even more. Thank you, for allowing us to grow up in a safe, loving environment, for letting us stay  long enough to create friendships dated all the way back to when I was 3. Thank you for showing us what courage is, for showing us that life is bigger than what we thought it was.

You and mom always encouraged us to explore the world, and who would’ve thought that we would love exploring so much that we’d permanently move away to a different country?!

On this day, I look back with tears in my eyes and pride in my heart. You’ve come so far on your career, on your family life, and I want to say what all your girls feel: We love you!



On a complete and different topic, things at this household have taken a turn for the worse: Aeris, our cat, absolutely hates the foster kittens. I’ve never seen my cat behaving like she is. It’s scary to see my precious little rascal being all mean and nasty to those cute things.

Luckily my sister is somewhat a rescue guru – like that guy from “My cat from Hell”. So when she visits later today I hope to get some pointers. We’ve been doing that for over a week now, and I’m tired of being attacked and hissed by my cat. It’s not all the time, mind you. She is currently lounging on my lap taking a quick break from it all, but then she wakes up randomly with the blackest eyes and is on attack mode. 

I saw this quote and it made me hopeful. Maybe she just needs time. Maybe she needs us to do something we aren’t. I don’t know. All I know is that I want my furry cuddles again, and I’m willing to do what it takes to bring us back to that point.



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

2 thoughts on “it’s his day!

  1. Give your cuddle bug some time to adjust. Cats HATE change, and this kind of change can make your cat feel like it is being shoved out. With a little time, your cat will come back around. Make sure your cat has a place to escape the little rug rats. It helps. Good luck, hon!!


  2. Cats are so cranky sometimes. And with my experiences females are always the worst. Happy Fathers Day!


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