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Ups and Downs of an Amusement Park

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So, for those of you who follow me on instagram, you know I’ve gone to Kings Dominion with our family.


My lovely niece just turned 10 (10?!?!) so we decided to celebrate it big. What’s better than going to Kings Dominion, for a discounted price and for a special event? Nope, couldn’t thing of anything either..

We got there a bit earlier than the rest of the family, so we walked around a bit, found ourselves a locker outside of the pool area (we got one right at the entrance – score!) and decided to start with the rides.



I’ve been to the park before, but it was amazing to see the wonder in my nieces’ eyes. They soaked up every last bit of it. We started by going towards the kids area (snoopy land, I believe). And of course they wanted to hit the mini roller coaster, in which we got stuck on the way up because someone decided to film themselves, or the ride. So we waited on our way up. Funny thing how calm we get when the kids are looking at you in panic, but it was all good. They loved the ride! Next we ran to the swings. They were pretty mild, but they had a great time. 


The guys had run off to the go karts, but they were still on it by the time we got to them, so I was able to catch B’s performance. #2nd place! Nothing bad for someone who started in last place, huh?


After great debate we decided to go off to this gigantic tower that had swings in them. The nieces were too short to ride it (they were so upset!) but the adults went on it. I will say this ride gave me chills. You’re so up high! B was fine, but I was glad I had him. I blabbed like never before, which definitely tells you I’m super nervous!


It ended up being an amazing ride, we could see the whole park and so far beyond it too. Too bad my mind was racing so I didn’t think of reaching for the phone.


And then the downs started to happen. First, B, my sister-in-law S. and I decided to go on this ride that I’ve been countless times before, and lo and behold – it stopped mid ride. Now, the park employees kept saying “please be patient, maintenance is on their way.” but they were still smiling, so we all thought it was a joke. Well, nope. After the 7th person entered the booth we knew we were in for it. We spent about 30min stuck on this ride, and all the while we were just thanking the heavens we didn’t end up stuck upside down mid loop.

To wash it off, S and I decided to go to this monster coaster. Seriously, look at this drop.


Anyway, we went, and of course we sat in the middle, because there’s no way I’d sit in the front. Safe to say this ride put me on the edge and my adrenaline shot up to new levels. It was beyond scary and fantastic. But I’m not even sure I’d go back. I’m not sure if my heart can handle that again.


And then.. as soon as we pull into the boarding area the coaster stops working. So there went another 40 min of being strapped into a ride. S and I were just praying they’d get us out without having to run it again. We were both done at that point.


Here’s my “it’s been 30 min and I really want to get out of here” face.

All in all we hit at least 7 consecutive coasters, so my neck isn’t the best today. We spent the whole day out, but to see my niece so in love with this day, with this experience, was magical. I can only hope she had as much fun as I did. We finished off the day with a family ride on the Dominator, which is pretty darn exciting too! I can’t believe B joined us too, and so did his mom. I’d love to relive this day over and over again.


Today was a day of fixing cars, getting inspected and buying more calligraphy supplies. Can’t say I’m ready for the week yet, but it sure started off beyond amazing!

And just a side note, sorry about the quality of these pics. Being the awesome blogger that I am I left my camera in my bag the whole time, and only took these with my phone. Well, some days are meant to be enjoyed – and not to worry about blog pictures, amiright?




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One thought on “Ups and Downs of an Amusement Park

  1. That looks like a blast. I love theme parks. I’m so sorry you were stuck for half an hour. I definitely know how that feels. It looks like even though you had that one set back it was a pretty enjoyable birthday party.


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