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i never thought blogging would.. #blogtober14


Well, I never really thought that I’d be blogging, that’s for sure. I thought if I wasn’t this specific person nobody would care about reading what I had to say. But there are definitely a few things blogging brought into my life that I wasn’t really expecting:


1. Find something good in each day


Blogging comes from my own experiences. I started to realize that each day is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to enjoy. I really learned to look for the “extra” on my daily life. A lot of times I focused on the challenges of my day, on why I was feeling miserable. I let myself be taken over with the weight of my routine. Some days passed in a blur, with me focusing on just getting to a weekend. Blogging made me hit the pause button. Made me approach situations better. And not only for the sake of blogging. It may have started so, but it became a change to grow, to embrace each and every day, and to focus on what lessons I could learn from them.


2. Chase my happiness



Blogging also opened my eyes to how I was living my days. It opened my eyes to how I was treating my weekends, my days off. Yes, I love to sometimes spend the day at home, cuddled in front of the tv. But the blog gave me more purpose – to go out, enjoy the day, get to know new places, have new adventures. Yes, a part of me still likes to disconnect and enjoy, but taking a handful of pictures, at this stage of blogging, is more than enough. I yearn to be put into different situations that will make me grow as a person, as a friend, as a daughter, as a blogger. I learnt to live more passionately. To chase my dreams. It also opened the door to getting to know lovely people, and their struggles, successes, endeavors. It motivated me enough to make me take the plunge on the Calligraphy class, on doing some house shopping, on reupholstery our dinning room chairs. So I have a lot to thank this little space of mine.


3. Find my voice



In the beginning, after I got some amazing blogging books from the hubs, I sat down and tried to figure out what I wanted to blog about. Should I focus on design, which I love? Should I focus on our lives? My work? Our relationship? How do I share? Where does my passion lie?

I was able to find my voice. And as small as this place is, I’m proud of it. I’m proud of how raw, and honest I can be. Naturally I have to omit certain facts, names, and circumstances. I don’t have everybody’s permission to share what is theirs. But I feel like this community has helped me immensely, and I hope someone is able to take something away from my blog. Something positive, learn a lesson through my journey. I love how I read posts of people that I’ve never met, but that go through the same struggles. I love how happy I get when I get comments, when I comment. It’s truly a wonderful community, and it helped me get more confident, it helped me being able to express myself, my feelings. It’s my little haven.


What did blogging bring you?






Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

9 thoughts on “i never thought blogging would.. #blogtober14

  1. Love your list. Especially number 3. It can be really difficult to know how to speak up and what to write on, so I’m really grateful blogging has the capability of making that happen for us!


  2. Love this! I think number 2 is so true & my hubs would agree… he’ll usually say, let’s just watch football, while I’m like, no we need to go do something & take pictures of it!


    • haha i do the same thing! We will cook and I’m like wait, I need a photo for the blog – and i go full on on staging mode. haha he is a sweetheart, though. He let’s me do whatever :)


  3. Wonderful list- Number 2 hits close to home :) My husband and I are both homebodies, and blogging has given me (and by default, him) more of a reason to go out and explore our area. It gives me a little more inspiration AND an opportunity to take pictures for the blog- of something different than our (super cute) dogs!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes! I feel like it has totally opened my eyes to life now too. I don’t think I saw life as clear as I do now before I started blogging. Love your list!


  5. I love your list- especially the quotes that go with it!! It really does help you find your voice!


    • thanks! It definitely does! One day I hope to have reached further on my photography skills that the majority of images I use can be mine. But sometimes, someone says it better than you could’ve. :)


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