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my pet peeve is.. #blogtober14


I have tons of pet peeves. I admit.

But the last one that really got to me was when the hubs and I went to a game with his brother and dad. I had to work that night, and by the time we got there the match had already started. We were already a little put down by this, but we found our seats pretty quickly and got started on the game.


That is, until this person behind us started screaming like a banshee (yup, HP reference). Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have minded. But by golly, I just needed someone to turn around and ask her, politely of course, to shut it. I never got to see her face, but she is the one wearing jeans, not pictured.


Now, before you go judging me, let me explain.

1. My pet peeve is when people comment word by word what we are all seeing, and when they keep calling the players by their names – like they are the coach or something.

We had to endure over an hour of: “Oh my God, I’m literally dying, Dying! Like, omg, just pass the puck. Yeah, Green, pass it to Ovechkin. Yeah, you got it! No, don’t pass it to Carson – did you see this? Omg I’m so embarrassed! Like, really. Literally omg I can never come back here! Omg, like literally I was just praying right now for him to score and he did!”

Ugh! So annoying. We get it, you know the names and the game. Now zip it. We know it too and we are not calling all the freaking plays.

I’m glad we could still enjoy it, and at least I had the pleasure of recounting the scene and the “Omg, like literally” girl a couple of times. Seriously though, if you’re with me, and watching a game at my house, don’t go screaming like a fan girl and calling all the shots. We are all watching it too, thank you very much. I will probably never invite you over again – that’s how bad my pet peeve is.

What’s yours?



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

9 thoughts on “my pet peeve is.. #blogtober14

  1. That does sound annoying… Glad you still enjoyed the game :)


  2. I can’t stand that, either…especially during sporting events and people write stuff constantly on Facebook, too. It’s like–hello! If people are watching the game, they know what’s up, and if they aren’t watching, they probably aren’t for a reason! haha
    P.S. Love that you’re a Caps fan!!


  3. Oh that is so annoying especially if you can’t change seats!! Ha wish you would have had her picture!


  4. Oh geez, that definitely would have driven me crazy! Cheer when they score and Boo when the other team scores…that’s all you really need to do! Getting a play by play of everything probably would have made me a little hostile. hahaha!!


  5. Omgosh I would be so annoyed too. Some people need to just calm their jets and watch the game in silence. We don’t need play by play commentary.


  6. bahaha did that person think they were at home in front of their TV or something!? Do people have no personal space?!

    Found you through the linkup – so excited to find a new fun blog!!! :)


  7. Understandable. I hate when people get on Twitter and live-tweet about a show or game. Anyone who cares will be watching it already!


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