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diy reveal!


So, the cat’s out of the bag. I’ve been working relentlessly in this diy project for the better part of October.

Way back in September my sister and I were talking about little upgrades I wanted to do in the house (I mentioned before that I keep a list). One of those things waaay up on the list was getting new dining chairs. Ours are in a sad state. Back to before I moved in, the house was housing up to 5 college boys at one point. So when I moved in we had 5 dinning chairs, 3 of which are broken in random places.

So, sister to the rescue. She sent me this photo of chairs that she had at home, and asked if I wanted them.

old chair

Well, challenge accepted. I took the chairs in, and started to figure out how to change them. Now, because we are about 3.5 hs apart the chairs came in waves. We’re still missing the last one. But it was a fun ride. I bought way more fabric than I needed, I took my very first chair apart and put it together (because I learnt how to do things better by the 4th chair, naturally). B and I had a few accidents in the way, discovered the wonders of electric staple guns, and I got the diy bug for real.

But here you go! All that fabric was to create this!

dinning_roomThese beautiful chairs fit our dinning room so much better than the last ones. I mean, really. Of course I’m worried that they are now fabric, and are really hard to clean should something ever happen to them. But it’s ok – we saved tons by diying them instead of buying fabric chairs.

As you can tell, we are missing the very last one. I already have the fabric and everything else ready to go and we’re picking up the last chair after Thanksgiving when we go visit my sister. I do love how they turned out, and yes, I’m entitled to bragging a bit about my chairs. I never thought I could be capable of accomplishing this, but I’m really glad that I tried. I’m happy with the outcome and so far, my cat hasn’t tried to claw them. Success!

I still have a few projects up my sleeve for this room – when don’t I? But I’m eyeing this beautiful piece given to us from his grandma.

buffetBefore you go saying that this is beautiful and I should let it be let me tell you: we plan on living it mostly alone. I do want to just add a nice polish to it, and change out the handles. We saw a few in silver that look classic but a little more “modern” than these, so that will most likely be our next adventure.

And last, but not least, a closer look at the chair!


So now, off to find my next project! For those of you who are interested, we bought the fabric at Ikea (we love that place), the little studs I bought at JoAnns and the staple gun at Home Depot.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

8 thoughts on “diy reveal!

  1. While we’re at it, let’s talk about that *gorgeous* indigo blue wall in you dining area! ;)


  2. Wow they look so awesome! I never would have been brave enough to pick white, but they look so good! We love IKEA too! :)


    • the perks of not having kids right now. After I had lunch at my sister in-law I saw my nieces/nephews eating and it got me thinking that soon enough we will have to add a small breakfast table in the kitchen – no fabric chair.

      But we had chairs like that at our house, growing up and we never really had a big problem. My parents were always very strict about us using those chairs until we learned to.

      I try not to go to ikea as often ’cause I feel I need one of each! haha That’s how much we love it.


  3. I LOVE those chairs. How cool that y’all DIY :) You did a great job on them!!!


  4. thanks Kara! I was really nervous to do it, but I think they turned out pretty cool for my first ever big DIY.


  5. The chairs look fantastic!! The whole room is so pretty! :)


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