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When I started this blog, I had no real idea of where it’d take me. I just knew I wanted to have a place where I could put my thoughts, my passion, my life out there.

Slowly, but surely, this blog has shown me to what my passions really are. And from the amount of likes and comments, it’s easy to see that, fortunately, you guys seem to like the same things I do. So, you won’t see fashion in this place. Probably not too much cooking, if we’re being honest with each other. I’m average, at most, in the kitchen.

But I do know, specially now, that projects make me happy. House projects, design projects. Give me all of them!

I will post, probably on Sunday, on a great diy I’m now working on. It’s that time of the year, guys. I went to Jo Ann’s and bought a few things to spice up my Christmas decor. With unique pieces, that I will hopefully be able to finish on time.

I’m sorry, but this is where I’ll leave you today. The hubs and I are going to be enjoying a much needed getaway, in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.

But we’re back tomorrow, so I’ll update you guys on our adventures then. Thank you, for stopping, following, and most of all, encouraging me on this path. It makes me happy, it makes me accomplished, and I love to see my ideas turn into real projects.


Ao começar o blog, eu não sabia direito que caminho seguir. Eu só sabia que eu queria um espaço onde pudesse expressar meus pensaentos, minha paixão, minha vida.

Com o passar do tempo, minha paixão ficou clara. E não só para mim. Os posts que eu mais amo, são os que mais têm comentários, e likes. Isso significa que nós concordamos com o caminho que o blog está seguindo. Certamente nós não teremos posts sobre moda no blog. E poucos serão os posts com pratos e delicinhas da cozinha. Cozinhar nunca foi meu forte.

O que ficou claro pra mim; o que realmente me faz feliz, é que eu adoro criar. Projetos para casa, projetos de design, amo amo amo!

No Domingo irei postar sobre um dos projetos que estou criando agora. É aquela época do ano, né?! Fui a uma loja daqui chamada Jo Ann e comprei alguns itens de decoração pro Natal. Bom, pra eu criar a decoração. Espero conseguir terminar em tempo de colocar esse ano.

E assim eu encerro o post. Eu e o maridão vamos passar um fim de semana mais do que merecido nas belas montanhas de West Virginia. Mas a gente volta amanhã, então eu prometo uns updates quando voltar. 

Obrigada, por visitar o blog, por seguir o blog, mas principalmente por me incentivar a seguir esse caminho. Isso realmente me deixa feliz, me dá energia pra continuar e eu amo ver minhas ideias se tornando projetos reais.




Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

2 thoughts on “follow your passion

  1. Have a nice trip and enjoy good old west VA :)


  2. I couldn’t agree more. As I have gotten older, I have embraced me more. On occasion I think about how awesome so-and-so is at this or that, and wish I could be that way too, but it is far less frequent than it was even three or four years ago. Even in those moments of comparison, I remind myself of my talents and passions, and then I can deeply appreciate someone else’s.


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