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west virginia is for lovers, too


Every once in a while (we can pretty much pinpoint to 3 months) I get this particular itch. An itch to take the hubs and get away from our everyday life. To travel, just us. Just for a night, maybe two. To take the distractions away and focus on our marriage, on each other.

While looking for places to stay, we decided to go up the mountains in west va. It was a quick enough getaway that we could leave our kitten home for one day, and not worry about her. It was enough that we could do it on a weekend and still come back for work. We came across this beautiful bed and breakfast called Breath of Heaven. It’s tucked away into the mountains, small enough that we could interact with the owners, who solely care for the place, and still close enough that we had places to see.

The main house is lovely. It’s cozy, they kept the fire going, and they had a pet kitten called Calamity (how cute is that?). They are husband and wife, who run the bed and breakfast by themselves. They love chatting and making sure their guests are comfortable.


You know of my love for b&bs. And this is why. It’s more personal, it’s more inviting. In which hotel do we see personalized welcomes?


We chose to stay on the adjacent cabin. It was just a short walk from the main house, but it still provided us with the secluded space we were craving.


The inside was as lovely as the outside, maybe even more. They had a skylight in the bathroom shower and that was the perfect day to enjoy it.


Our room was cozy, and had all appliances we would need. And water – lots of it! We decided to take advantage of the fire pit outside, so we brought over s’mores and hot cocoa to conquer the 26 degree night.




We stayed out, kept warm, talked about our hopes, dreams, expectations of life, marriage, and most of all, enjoyed just being. Life is sometimes too rushed that we are always thinking of the next thing on the list, and on that night, we hit pause. And it was wonderful.


We stayed out until the embers died, until the cold seeped through our layers and sleep called to us.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to visit Smoke Hole Caverns, which was a short drive from our b&b. They have a resort that looks amazing – a place we would definitely stay when we have kids. They have tons of adventures and things to do.


The cavern reminded us a lot of our trip to Luray. They had more kids on for the tour, and the guide was really funny. Kiddos and parents alike had a great time.


After that we stopped at the gift shop and just stared in wonder at their Holiday décor. We didn’t get anything, but prices weren’t bad at all!



The trip was exactly what we needed. We got back in time to follow the last of the football games (terrible for us!) and I finally finished my diy! So I’ll post that soon, as well as which tutorial I used as reference.


On an unrelated note, this coat I got from Costco has saved my life! It’s my first coat of this type, but it kept me warm and fuzzy even at the coldest point on the trip. yay for good buys! And can we talk about the same photograph poses all the time. There should be an easier way of getting different shots when it’s just two people traveling together.

I’ll leave you guys with one last photo of the beautiful landscape we enjoyed during our ride.



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

2 thoughts on “west virginia is for lovers, too

  1. Time alone is awesome. What a cool place.


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