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letting go..


Yes, I’ve borrow it from Frozen.

And yes, for the first ever time in this blog, I wrote, edited, re-edited the post, scheduled it… and deleted the post. I’ve slept on it, and thought that publishing that post would do no one good.

It’s been crazy since we’ve been back from our beautiful vacation. I let that little green monster take over me. Well, we let it take over ourselves. Our spirits were behaving like caged animals, our hearts were heavy.

Let’s say something amazing was about to happen. Truly amazing! And we were overjoyed. And then plans changed. And Brian and I had a hard time accepting the change. And it showed. My post was covered in resentment. And it wasn’t fair.



I’ve prayed, asked for guidance, asked for God to clear my heart of that resentment so I could appreciate this amazing opportunity we still have. The last thing we wanted was to come across as ungrateful. Because we are still grateful.

So I went with my heart and deleted it. And you know what? It feels wonderful to let go of that. It feels wonderful that we went through this, that we sat, thought, prayed, and overcame it. We can truly appreciate what we have now – no heavy hearts on this side of town.

I’ve learnt that sometimes you just need to sit and pray, and your burden will be lifted. Your mind will open, and you will see that being thankful is much more amazing than focusing on what you thought would happen.



Sim, eu roubei a frase de Frozen.

E sim, pela primeira vez desde que comecei o blog eu escrevi um post, editei-o, editei de novo, agendei o post. E o deletei. Eu decidi, após uma noite pensando no post, que publicá-lo não faria bem a ninguém.

Nossa vida deu uma reviravolta desde que voltamos da nossa viagem. Eu deixei aquele monstrinho tomar conta de mim. Bem, de nós.  Eu e Brian parecíamos bichos em jaulas, nossos corações estavam pesados.

Algo maravilhoso estava prestes a acontecer. Realmente maravilhoso! E nós ficamos super felizes, óbvio. E num piscar de olhos o plano mudou. Eu e Brian tivemos dificuldade em aceitar essa mudança. Meu post estava coberto de rancor, e injustiça. 

Eu rezei, pedi que Deus me guiasse, clareasse minha mente e coração desse rancor para que eu pudesse apreciar a oportunidade linda que nós ainda temos. A última coisa que eu quis era parecer ingrata. Porque acredite, Brian e eu estamos muito gratos.

Então eu segui meu coração e deletei o post. E sabe de uma coisa? Estou me sentindo muito melhor. Foi ótimo ter passado por essa situação. Nós sentamos juntos, conversamos por horas, rezamos, e superamos. Nós podemos realmente focar em nossa gratidão – nada de ter corações pesados e rancor. 

Eu aprendi que ás vezes você tem que tirar um momento para rezar e entregar a Deus. Sua mente clareia, seu coração fica leve, e você aprende a ser grato pela oportunidade que você tem – e não a focar no que poderia ter acontecido.



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

2 thoughts on “letting go..

  1. This is my first visit and I’m not sure how to comment on this. I’m happy that God has gotten you through this and and you’re both doing well now. Letting go is hard.
    I haven’t seen Frozen :)


    • I gave it as a gift to my nieces, and safe to say I had to watch with them.

      And thanks for taking time to comment and welcome to my blog! Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons, but we are doing amazing, thanks! :))

      Liked by 1 person

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