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Life has been insane lately. It feels like the year is flying by, with so many Christmas presents to get, preparations for our upcoming vacation, family time, projects, etc I’m very very excited about all these things.

Last afternoon we ventured out to the mall (don’t do it on Sundays, people – it’s a trap!) But we met up with my sister in law, nieces and brother in law. We needed to pick up a few gifts for my family in Brazil. We are over halfway done with the gifts! I need just a couple, and some of them I can get at costco too (which we will do later today).

few little gifts all wrapped up, more on their way here from Amazon!

In other news:

– This gorgeous mirror on top of our fireplace was made by my sister and my brother in law! How cool is that? Diy runs in the family, but they take it to a whole new level! I love how rustic it looks and how the color matches the marble around the fireplace almost to a “t”.


– We needed to take this little rascal back to the office (she will be the death of our savings account, I tell you). She is still not over her uti, or whatever it is that she has, so I dropped her off and will be hopefully picking her up today.

– We are finally done with reupholstering our dining chairs! Now we have a beautiful set of 6 chairs that make me smile every time I walk in.


– We also finally decorated the outside of our house! It’s the only part of the house that I love seeing in colored lights. I really do love my all white lighting inside, but this year I decided to give in to some color and we added some red to our all silver decor of last year.


– I finally got my color done again! I think I’ll get it as close to my original color on the next appointment, but as of now I’m absolutely loving the red! Can’t wait to see my friends’ faces.

I’ll let you know about Aeris’ progress tomorrow. Fingers crossed that she is going to get better. This ping pong to the doctor is a real pain.. And I’ll be enjoying some quiet time wrapping presents tonight. I love seeing my tree surrounded by gifts! Such a joyful time!

towncountryFor a place that freaks us out due to our ever sick kitten, the vet sure looks festive!

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Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

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