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ballerina cat and pop tarts!

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Last week, as I’ve said before, has been insane. And this week will be no different. I’m already looking forward to having Friday off..

Saturday night was Brian’s company Christmas Party, at this Hookah Bar in Virginia called Mist. It was wonderful to meet all his coworkers and to see the groups’ dynamics. We got home at around 1am and pretty much passed out. It’s incredible how tired we are compared to a few years ago. I was literally dragging my feet to the house wanting nothing more than to switch to pjs. Those wild partying nights are over, guys…


But Sunday morning we had my amazing sister and brother in law over for a few hours. It was our own way of celebrating Christmas, so as soon as they walked in we exchanged gifts.

They got me this gorgeous pillow cover for our study for this company called odja, It’s so pretty, and so totally me! Brian got himself a laptop messenger bag for his computer, and we gave my brother in law a pick holder, since he loves to play.



For little miss Ayla – aka baby Hill – I found this cute ballerina kitten at Pottery Barn for a steal of a price! It’s normally not a store I usually go to given most prices, but it definitely holds the cutest things.

We wanted to go somewhere different, and delicious for lunch, so we drove to the Mosaic District in Merrifield, and decided to grab lunch at Ted’s Bulletin. Oh, my.


First let me say pretty much any place with old decor already has great points in my book. But add great service, amazing food, and pop tarts and I’m a fan.

The food was great and more than enough for all of us to have leftovers. And I convinced everyone to try their pop tarts. I got myself the cinnamon brown sugar one, my sister had the blueberry cheesecake and my brother in law opted for the coffee milkshake.



The day was amazing, and I wish I could have them come over more often. We always have a blast when we see each other, and there’s nothing that makes me happier than those deep belly laughs.







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Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

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