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2014 recap..


2014 was an amazing year. Truth be told, each day since moving to the US and marrying the hubs has been all that I wished for, and more, but 2014 was specially wonderful.

In just a couple of days, Brian and I will be down in Brazil, having an amazing time celebrating New Year’s with my family, and then we’re off to Rio for a few days of 114ºF, hopefully beaches, and lots of family and friend times.

This year we:

– Celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary, and celebrated our 2nd wedding day surrounded by our dearest ones.

taylors_elliebellie b photography


– Had to take the little rascal to the vet more times than I want to remember.


– Had amazing family time, bonding more and more with my nieces & nephew. And my nephew, for the first time ever, called me by my name! I had a mini meltdown and possibly a tear or two in my eye. He’s growing up so fast!

– Had plenty of quality friend time, sponsoring and enjoying the Herndon Festival.


– Finally followed my heart and learned some new skills.


– Amped up our DIY level in the house.


– Spent some together time, at the perfect b&b in WV.


– Found out we’re having a wonderful niece come next May! And I’m already thinking of all the ways we’re going to spoil her.


– Celebrated Christmas as it should be – around family & dear ones.


– Decided to stop bullying my own body and get that tulle skirt I’ve been eyeing for years!



– Get to enjoy the last day of the year with my family in Brazil.


There’s too much to be said about 2014. Too many laughs, too many happy moments, mountains climbed and lessons learned. Thank you for being with me throughout this journey.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

4 thoughts on “2014 recap..

  1. Love this recap and the beautiful pictures. Your hand-lettering is absolutely beautiful…you are so talented!! What kind of pens do you use? I love using the ink method, but the pens would be a lot easier to travel with. Hope you have a great trip!!


    • Thank you for the comment, Kara. I have a couple of pens, I got it from an online course I took with Melissa Esplin. https://istilllovecalligraphy.com/#!/ I think we got just a regular nib holder (doesn’t come with a name), but the nibs are really what truly matters. I have these three Hunt 22, Hunt 101, Gillott 303 and a few others I purchased at various art places.. And thank yo for the wishes! The vacation was amazing :)


  2. So glad you got that tulle skirt! I wore on for my wedding rehearsal and it was so much fun! I really need to break it out soon!!
    Looks like you had such a wonderful year! Happy new year!


  3. I know! it’s funny because when I show it to my friends they think I’m insane for wearing it.. haha maybe we’re more daring with our choices? Happy New Year to you too! Thanks! And if you do break it out, please take some photos! I need all the styling help I can get!


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