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vacation recap pt.3 – brasilia


Brasilia is a weird city. For me, coming from the chaos that is Rio, it’s almost boring.

Don’t get me wrong. Brasilia is great. Wide roads, polite people, low crime rate (if you don’t count the politicians) and just overall a great place to learn the country’s history.

Brasilia was commissioned to be the capital. It was planned, built from the ground. Brian was so astonished to see how it all started as one crossroad, and it’s now a very well developed city. The temperature was so much nicer than in Rio. We had a constant of 70ºF.

Right before leaving for Rio, my dad took us to visit the National Stadium. That thing is huge! It stands alone, with tons of parking, and was used as the stage for some of the World Cup soccer matches last year.

Estadio Nacional, Brasilia

A few minutes down the road is where my dad works. The HQ of Army forces in the capital.

HQ Exercito, Brasilia

Right in front of it is a garden called Crystals Garden. I don’t know if you can guess, but there are, of course, sculptures shaped like crystals around it, and it reminded us of Superman. Dorky, much?

Palacio dos Cristais, BrasiliaPalacio dos Cristais, Brasilia

We drove to the city park and indulged in some fresh coconut water.

Parque Nacional, Brasilia

On our first day back from Rio we went to visit the National Cathedral, and let me tell you. It’s even more gorgeous inside than it is outside. It’s not like most Cathedrals you’d typically find in Europe, or even North America. The architect/visionary has a very specific style, very modern.

Catedral Nacional, BrasiliaCatedral Nacional, Brasilia

Down the road is the Three Powers Plaza, where our Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary representatives work. On the blueprint of the city it was decided none of them was to overpower the other, which would bring balance to all 3 powers.

Supremo Tribunal, brasilia

Praça Três Poderes, brasilia

Congresso Nacional, brasilia

One of our past presidents is constantly remembered as the commissioner of the city, so after a few years they started building a memorial to honor his work.JK, brasilia

We also took a look at where our president works, and her private palace.

Palácio da Alvorada, brasilia

We got a chance to learn more about the history of the city, and how it all started with blueprints called “Pilot Plan”. I don’t know how well you can see it, but the original plan of the city was based on an airplane – hence the Pilot Plan.

Plano Piloto, brasilia

Ou last day in Brasília was spent walking around, gathering gifts for some of our friends/family, and getting to know a bit more of the city. It was hot, but not extremely so.

We are walking out of this vacation with our hearts light, our stomachs full and with lots of great memories.

Torre de Tv, brasiliaBrasilia, DFbra_kiss

And that, everyone, concludes our trip. Sorry about the overload of pictures. There was too much to share, not enough blog posts.

I’ll be back with regular posts from now on!


Author: Andrea T

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