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Things I’m looking forward to on warmer days..

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It’s finally getting a bit warmer out! Winter is slowly, but surely, saying goodbye and making way for Spring/Summer. Though I will be the first to admit I complain when it’s too hot out. Yes, yes, I know. I grew up with 100ºF in Rio, and even after 25+ years of it i feel entitled to complain.

But here in the US I’ve come to appreciate these days. Because they are fleeting. And I’ve been cold since last October, and it’s just not funny anymore.

Last year I had a few things I wanted to do “while it was still warm out”, and most of them flew out of the window. Well, not this year! I will make a point to do these:

// Drive in Movie Theater

Drive in Theatervia

Because it seems like the most fun thing I’ve seen in a while. And I know they offer these around our area, so I’ll keep our eyes/ears open. And if you know of a place around DMV where they have it, let me know on the comments. Pretty please?

// Outside Movie Night

Following on the same footsteps I look forward to be able to sit down on a blanket, drink in hand, friends around me and a good movie on the big screen.

// Picnic


Brian and I rarely have a lot of time just for the two of us, without computers, cellphones, blog, and etc. So I’m making sure we get some well deserved time together. We actually did this once right in front of our house (we don’t have a garden). We actually got blankets, some snacks and sat down on the lawn to talk about life, dreams, expectations, fears. It’s still one of my dearest moments with him.

But, this year I want something like that: a peaceful beach (or any body of water, for that matter), cushions, a blanket, and him.

// Enjoy our nieces/nephew

My family and I grew up seeing each other frequently. Plus our family vacations.. So I want to make sure my nieces and nephew know how much we love them. You may remember how we took them to the Fairfax Fair last year. Well, they are on board for day 2, and this time the little sir is coming with us!

// Late night walks

We love to wait until we are back from work, put on some workout clothes and walk around the neighborhood. No matter the time, it’s usually pretty darn safe. And we are not ones to carry a lot on ourselves, so we are usually good. It’s just another time away from distractions where we talk, walk hand in hand and share hopes for our future.

// Visit a Brewery with the Family

We did it last year for my BIL’s birthday. And it was amazing. I look forward to planning a visit to a brewery with all the adults. I know it’s going to be fun, and a great bonding experience.

What are you looking forward to?


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

One thought on “Things I’m looking forward to on warmer days..

  1. Stopping by to say hi from Yes and Yes. :) I’ve never been to a drive-in movie but I love picnics and breweries when the weather is nice. There are just so many more options for fun, often free, things to do when the weather warms up!

    Alicia / Jaybird Blog


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