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Friday 5 – home edition


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I’m linking up with these ladies today! This Friday 5 is different. Mostly because I have been a terrible blogger and have only really captured pictures of my calligraphy and cat this week (says much about my life, right?)

So I decided to share 5 projects I’m dying to get my hands on for the house!

// Kitchen

Last week we painted our kitchen! Its’ the start of our kitchen redo, but the walls were just the first step.. We are also targeting the cabinets, either by staining them a tad darker, or by going the complete opposite with white. There are no windows on our kitchen, so this may be the best option, but we are still on the fence.

Now I’m obsessing over light fixtures because nothing says “kitchen redo” better than fresh fixtures. Maybe appliances, but the ones we have work just fine and we are not people to just go out and spend unnecessary money..

We have two spots, a flush mount above the sink and a pendant light at the entrance. I looked around for inspiration for the flush mount light, but couldn’t find a single one that I liked.. So I started looking at track lighting, and finally settled on a couple of options.

kitchenone// two// three

// Laundry Room

Our laundry room is in a closet. And bear in mind there’s no height space for a top/bottom piece. I’ve been talking to a really good friend of mine, who has studied architecture. She renovated pretty much all of her house by herself, so she knows what she’s talking about. She will come and take a look at our space for more, inspiration, but this is what I have in mind..

laundry_inspirationone// two// three

I love the idea of a shelf on top of the machines. Right now I have one of the metal standard ones on the side. It works. But it’s not ideal. I would love to maximize the space by adding a higher shelf, a rod right underneath it (right now I use the shower on the guest bathroom, but once the family expands it will be more used).

We have a top load washer right now, but on the last picture you can see it’s still possible to do it! I’ve wanted a beverage dispenser for my laundry detergent since forever.. a lot of people say they get clogging problems (since laundry is thicker than average beverages). What is your experience?

// Bedroom

I really, really am coming to love our bedroom. The new purple bedding is beautiful, and so are the new lamp shades. My goal in our room is to: add a full length mirror, a chandelier (even if decorative), and add art above our bed and the fireplace. I’ve been eyeing some use of wallpaper that makes my heart melt. Not too sure how thrilled the hubs would be.. but here are the ideas. (In case you’re wondering he loves the first one..)

bedroom ideas
one// two// three

// Living Room

Our living room houses our tv and my craft/office space. It’s feeling a little empty on the walls, so that’s where I’m focusing on: on creating a welcoming, cozy atmosphere, where we and future little ones will be able to cuddle and watch a movie. I’ve seen some ideas of adding a shelf behind it, with a mirror, some candles, lots of pictures. Ideally I’ll also switch the ceiling fan. Hubs is a fan of keeping a ceiling fan to keep bugs away when we open the door connecting the room to the porch, so I have to find something that will go with the room.

living room
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// Garden

I shouldn’t really be calling it a garden. It’s a little patch of yard we have on the front of our townhouse. Our neighbors are so diligent about their garden it makes us look bad with the shrubs. But come on, shrubs are so easy to maintain! I certainly am after something easy peasy, like maybe adding succulents, and lavender (which has the downsize of attracting bees). But something hardy that won’t take too much work from our part.

Maybe even add nicer looking shrubs.. haha who knows. My MIL gave me some books for ideas, but this is what I’m looking to accomplish on the garden.

one// two// three

The middle image is an inspiration for the wall where we currently keep the grill. It would stay too close, but it’s a very bare wall, and I’d love to be able to use it for some greenery.

– There you have it! 5 ideas of house projects.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

5 thoughts on “Friday 5 – home edition

  1. I love house ideas!!! I could seriously look at them all day! My mom uses a beverage dispenser for her laundry soap and never has any issues…just look for one with a large nozzel! And for your bushes…hydrangeas would be beautiful!


    • oooh! Maybe that’s the key! I’ll try looking for it! I will admit I almost bought one today at Bed Bath and Beyond! haha I look forward to at least trying it out! And hydrangeas truly are – my MIL has tons on her garden.. maybe I could score some of them for free. ;)


  2. love all these projects! I am starting to think about some changes in my laundry room, too–can’t wait to see where you end up with it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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