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today I’m thankful.


This past weekend was fun. The most fun we’ve had in quite a while. And for that I’m grateful. It’s my first time doing the Grateful Heart linkup with Ember, so bear with me, will you?

Currently, I’m grateful for:

1/ Miss Aeris

Because she shows me everyday what complete love and selflessness are. Or at least I’d love to think so. She is always by my side, wakes me up just for cuddles, and is a foodie like her mama.


2/ Friends

One of my dearest friends got married this past Saturday, and it was beautiful. Their 1 year old daughter was the flower girl, and she was the cutest! I’m beyond happy that those 2 found each other, and we had a blast!


3/ The hubs.

Because he puts up with my crazy ideas and goes above and beyond to make me happy. Yesterday I spent the morning putting some finishing touches on our Kitchen, and he went to Home Depot with me and installed lights and our new faucet. That thing is a beast! I love all the effort he puts into our relationship.


4/ Family

My niece is just short of being full term, and we are super excited about her joining us. We love her so much already! We try to imagine how she is going to look like, and I’m dying of all the cuteness already. My parents, who are taking this whole “being in a different country” like troopers. Mom is coming in just a couple of weeks to stay with my sister until baby Ayla comes! Can’t wait to meet her.

maternity_shootPhotography by Leah Adkins

5/ Faith

I’ve been meaning to find our own church for a while now. I think life sometimes puts a couple of trials in front of us and we really need to get close to our faith to overcome them. We usually go to my in-laws whenever we can, but it’s quite a hike. I look forward to finding our own church. I’ve read so much about the community, about the love and understanding that come with being in the same room of worshipers and like-minded people, and I look forward to it.


6/ Art

Because in the midst of this crazy, sometimes ugly world, I can always count on it to bring a smile to my face. I’m grateful I’m able to sit down and create beauty that fills my heart up with joy. I hope one day I get to spread it around, but while not, here’s where you can check it out!


I’m grateful for all of you, who take time to read this space of mine and share your thoughts and ideas. I can’t wait to share more with you.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

8 thoughts on “today I’m thankful.

  1. You have such a charmed life. Your cat looks adorable (i’m a big cat person) by the way


  2. What a lovely list of gratitude! Many are our blessings when we take the time to count them. xx MH


  3. Psalm 46:5 is my favorite verse and I love that you included it in your post. When I lost my job last year only 2 months after I moved to a new city for it I was pretty devastated but that verse really carried me through. Great choice of scripture!


    • thank you. It truly resonated with me after some trials and those not so great moments we all go through. But I know I won’t fall. I’m happy that it has helped more people too. :)


  4. I’m so happy you linked up this week, Andrea! :) Your kitty is so sweet – they really are the best snugglers aren’t they? My husband and I are still on the search for the church we’re meant to go to… it can take awhile but is so worth it. Best of luck to you finding one! :)


  5. Well shoot! I thought I commented but it doesn’t look like it stuck. I apologize if you get two of these ;) I’m so glad you linked up this week!! My husband and I are still on our mission to find a church in our new town… wishing you the best of luck finding the one you’re meant to join!


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