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a heart that beats outside



The phone rang at 5am. I jumped. When I saw the number, I knew. She was coming.

Covers were thrown, a bag was packed, the gps was set. They said you wouldn’t be here for at least a week, so we weren’t ready. Is there ever a ready?

I ran, I packed, I changed. But all the while, there was one constant thing I was doing.

I was crying.

That hiccuping, runny nose, silly smile cry that you can’t explain. I cried when I was on the phone with your grandma, I cried when I was on the phone with your mom and dad, and specially when I talked to your granddad. He so wishes he was here with you.

As I was trying to find the hospital’s address I get the call.

You’re here.

My heart stops, the tears come back with a renewed force. I get the phone and called your grandfather. He cries. I cry.

I run upstairs and wake up your uncle, because I can’t stop smiling, or crying. I hug him, he hugs me back.

I say a quick prayer. I call work and say I have to go.

I’m not a mother yet. But today, my heart beats outside of my body. Today, I thank God for bringing you to us healthy and with all your 10 fingers and toes.

My heart is yours too, little one. 


* Random thoughts on May 2nd while I got ready to head down to the hospital to welcome my beautiful niece to this world. There’s no happiness like this one.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

20 thoughts on “a heart that beats outside

  1. Congrats Andrea, sounds like you’re going to be an amazing auntie!


  2. That’s wonderful! Congrats on being an Aunt! I bet it feels amazing!


    • It definitely does. We do have nieces and nephews from my husband’s side. So we know how lucky and privileged we are to be able to spoil them rotten (and get away with it!) we look forward to this newest addition! :)


  3. So sweet! So much love!


  4. Being an aunt is one of the greatest gifts there is!!! Congrats!!!!


  5. Congratulations on becoming an aunt! Now you get to do the cool stuff without telling her off!!


    • I told her that when I first held her. That anytime her parents say no, call Aunt Andrea. We will try to make it happen (well, nothing like tattoos or stuff), but you know.. partner in crime and all that. ;)


  6. What a blessing! I happen to believe all babies are precious miracles. I wonder what her life will bring and what her gifts to the world will be?


    • With parents like hers, she’ll be this smart little girl with a penchant for playing some guitar. Her mom is as scholarly as they come and her dad is a great musician. She can go either way. So as long as she is a good person, I know she will add to this world. :)


  7. Ah congrats! You are gonna be the best auntie ever!


  8. Aww, congratulations aunt! I’m actually going to become an aunt for the first time in august, so I’m giddy as can be about that!


    • Thanks Erin. haha I was too! Apparently I was the only one crying (well, that and my dad. We’re softies). I was very greedy when I got to hold her. hahaha


  9. k you win best aunt of the year award! this post was so cute and sweet! Congrats on a new niece, they really are the best things ever :)

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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