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90’s kid


My friend and I were talking this week about just how awesome it is to have lived on the 90’s as a kid.

I mean, the neons, the side ponies, the boy bands, the list is endless! We also talked about how hard it was, so we started putting together a list of pros/cons and wanted to share them with you.

90s kid(Dorky me circa 1997, or me at 9 y.o.)


1// Tamagoshi: which, sorry stupid iPhone, but it kicked butt (or at least I thought so). I was in love with mine, and I had at one point at least 3 of them, which were alive until I got tired of them, thank you very much.

2// Boy bands: because you kids can brag about One Direction all you want, but we got the freaking Back Street Boys! We knew Justin Timberlake waaaay before he was cool. 98 degrees, and the beautiful hair disasters – we were witnesses to their glory.

3// Freedom: it was a world with less violence. Where kids played in the streets, kids ate whatever they wanted, where the playground was our home. Where we could pack our stuff and play street hockey, where we could paint our streets for the World Cup, where parents would have to hunt us down to get back home.

4// No cell phone: seriously. This was amazing. No 24/7 contact with people. Where we got to interact with each other, and not with a screen. Where you called to say you were leaving and the other person had to be there. There was no “running really late. just left lol” message on your screen. If you weren’t there you were left behind.

5// Board games: I know you have them now, but we grew up dependent on board games. We’d spend hours playing Game of Life, War, and all the fun things like that.

6// Imagination: there were no selfies, there was no Facebook. Our games were played on the playground, of thieves and police officers, where we’d spend hours setting up this city to play with. Where the whole time we’d laugh at each other and come up with the craziest things. I feel like kids now are fed technology out of the womb, and it hinders their imaginary capacity quite a lot.

7// Decent animes: Yes, I’m a nerd. But life back then gave you tons of awesome animes. We saw the only pokemon worth watching, Digimon trying to copy them out, Sakura Card Captors and my all time favorite Sailor Moon. Darn, we had Samurai X to look forward to after school.

8// Letters: like, actual letters written by a human being. Where leaving a message on your Facebook wall meant sitting down, taking time and making your handwriting look legible. Adding tons of stickers and colorful pens to it, just to show how special they were.


1// No DVR: we lived in the age where you should have to be there to watch it. Or at least own a vcr that could record things. But there were catches: you had to have it perfectly timed, and if anyone switched the channel your recording was as good as trash.

2// Public phones: because all kids that wanted to go to their friends house after school on Fridays were lining up agains the only public phone at school, so you wasted your whole break on that line.

3// Encyclopedias: kids, there was life before google. I remember the day we got our encyclopedia collection. They were not cheap, and we were in wonder. Knowledge at our fingertips! We didn’t have to go to the library anymore! They contained small texts about all sorts of things, and you had to look at 6 different ones before accomplishing your whole homework. They weighed tons, and smelled old.

4// Typing class: we learned how to type in a typewriter. We learned where to position our hands and how to feed it, change the ink, and all that. Why? There were no computer in school yet. Take that!

5// Handwritten homework: I mean, I love it, because I love to write and I think my handwriting skills are pretty good, but try writing a 5 page essay in ink. No delete button, no cut + paste. You had to write that blasted thing 5 times in order to get it right.

6// Dial up connection: we had one computer in the family room. I remember getting it when I turned 10. It wasn’t mine. It was my family’s computer. All families around us had one per household. It was tough finding time to share. And when we did, we had 15 min on the dial up per time. Unless it was a school work. But we had to know exactly what to search for.

7// Floppy Disks: they should’ve been #1 on my cons list. Those things were the bane of my existence. A beautiful group paper would never work because we added a single picture. It doesn’t have enough memory. 200kb! Think of that before you complain about your 16gb usb.

8// Radio songs: without a program to download music, we had 2 options: buy all the cds or listen to the radio and record the songs. 95% of the time the blasted radio host would speak right in the middle of the song and ruin it for us. So aggravating! We’d end up singing the song and the announcements as if they were part of it.

There you have it. My childhood was amazing, I spent much of it outside of my apartment, none of it with a screen glued to my eyes. It was the bliss of owning books, reading them, sharing with friends. Seeing each other instead of instant messaging.

Do you have any grew things from your childhood? Which decade child were you? I’d love to know!


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

5 thoughts on “90’s kid

  1. This pretty much sums up my entire life!!! Some how we all survived and loved it!!


  2. great list!! I found an old floppy disk the other day in a random box in my basement and it cracked me up thinking about how LITTLE space they had! I’d be completely lost without google docs and cloud databases


  3. You hit it on the head! I remember listening to the radio with my tape waiting for my favorite song to record. Then when listening you had to fast forward and guess where to stop lol. Great blast of memories from this post!!


  4. Haha I LOVED my tamagoshi!! And I also remember making up so many different games outside because there weren’t computers and tablets to suck you into the house! Great list (:


  5. I definitely don’t miss encyclopedias!


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