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to mothers


Mother’s are, to me, wonder women.

They are nurturing by nature, selfless, loving and caring. They are fierce protectors, real lionesses.

But they have a big responsibility on their shoulders: to educate their children,to show them right from wrong, to steer them towards a great path – while giving them enough space to discover the world on their own.

Seeing my sister go through pregnancy and become a mother herself has been eye opening. How the world shifts, during those 9 months, until your heart beats outside of your body. How worried you become, not for yourself, but for this little life that depends solely on you. What a responsibility!

I had a very particular idea of motherhood and what it meant when I was growing up. I’d complain about my mom missing out on school events, missing out on presentations, being stern, fair, but expecting too much from us.

Until I grew up: and the world showed me how work will make you stay late, how sometimes I missed a party too, how my boss would expect much from me in so very little time, and how “fair” can be very subjective. I think back on how so many nights after work I get home and have the luxury to unwind on the couch. Mother’s don’t.

Mother’s don’t have downtime. Mother’s don’t unwind. They rewind. They leave work and start their second shift the minute they step inside. They push, and push further, because someone needs them.

This Mother’s Day, I have nothing but respect and awe for all Mothers out there.

mothers day

I can only hope, and pray, that one day I will join this club. For now, moms, keep being awesome.

And especially you, mom.

You’re awesome. If I don’t tell you enough. You’re my role model, my compass, my constant. Living so far away is terrible, but I know you’re a phone call away from me. Thank you, for showing me how life is, for the warm hugs, for the cuddles on the break ups, for the encouraging words that you always have to offer.

If we are this stubborn, idealistic, fierce daughters – it’s because of you.

I can only hope to be that way with my kids. Even if I have to repeat to them – One day you’ll thank me – like you so many times did, I will embrace it.

I’m thanking you today, mom. For you, your wit, your sometimes unwanted comments. The more I grow, the more I understand. And appreciate, and value all the knowledge passed on to me.

Happy Mother’s Day.


* 3 generations of beautiful women in the family. Was able to drive down to my sisters and surprise my  mother for Mother’s Day. Nothing beats spending time with these ladies.


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

12 thoughts on “to mothers

  1. Lady, you have me tearing up at 7am! ha! This was such a sweet, honest, & beautiful tribute to all mothers, but especially to yours. Happy Monday :)


  2. This is the sweetest! It made me cry a bit. I already miss my mommy!


    • tell me about it. it’s so hard to have my mom so close but not be able to see her at all.. soon enough she will go back and i probably won’t see her for another year.. ugh.. Thank you though! :)


  3. Such a sweet post Andrea! I’m sure your mom is so incredibly proud of you! Receiving loving feedback from my kids is the biggest ego boost ever.


    • aw, I’m glad to hear. I wrote her a beautiful heartfelt card too. And I even wrote one for my dad (he asked me to wing it). It was so me that my mom looked at it and said: you wrote this, didn’t you.. hahaha guess this mushy loving style is mine. ;)


  4. What a beautiful, heartfelt post! I never knew how much “work” it was to be a mom until I became one. But I’d never change it for anything in the world!


  5. This is such a great thank you to mothers everywhere. Thank you for sharing!


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