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I’m a softie


Well, that shouldn’t really be a surprise for most of you.

But I think I should come clean. I’m a softie.

A real, pocket size softie with tiny fists (as my brother in law reminds me).

I’ve been going around proudly reciting the tale of my niece’s birth (and thank you for the lovely comments, I’ll try to honor being an amazing aunt for the rest of my life), and the funny thing is: people are always surprised when I tell them I cried when I held her for the first time.

Or when I saw my sister. Or when I called my dad. Or when I was woken up.

I do a lot of crying, if you haven’t noticed.

I don’t consider it being weak. I think I feel things to a level most people don’t. And apparently that means that I’m a softie.

I wear that title proudly, if you must know.


feeling feelingsvia

So in honor of my soft side, I put together a quick list of things that make me cry.

1. Sarah Mclachlan: oh, you know her. “In the arms of an Angel”. That thing tears me apart and my husband actually flies to get the remote and change the channel. He knows my 5 second limit with that one.

2. Alyssa Milano: we might as well talk about her and the children in Africa. That’s another guarantee of ugly tears.

3. Vets coming home: be it to dogs, to parrots, kids, wives. They all get me. Every. Single. Time. I hiccup and wonder why I put myself through this, but there I stay… watching them reunite and thinking nothing in the world beats that.

4. Movies: I wish I could tell you a couple that really open the flood gates (ahem, A Walk to Remember), but if I’m honest i cry in 80% of movies. No, they don’t have to be all sad. I cry in animes, in cartoons, in Disney movies. I got a lot of feels.

5. Feeling guilty: I know, right? But ask my mom. If she was ever disappointed in me, fat tears would come out. That’s with anyone I hurt, truly.

6. Sympathy cry: I do that too. When someone cries, I cry. Can’t leave them hanging, can I?

There you have it. I don’t think this will ever change. I mean, I’m almost 30 and still going strong.. But I love it.

I love being honest, vulnerable and open to criticism when the flood gates open. I don’t care what you call me. I can be silly in your eyes, but I will wear my feelings on my sleeve. I will let people know how little things in life can touch deep into your soul. I will cry when my niece reach each milestone, when she gets teeth, when she coos at me, when she learns how to walk, when she goes to school,…

After all, I’m a big softie.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

17 thoughts on “I’m a softie

  1. Ha! I’m right with you. I cry at EVERYTHING. We have a segment on the show called “Make Carissa Cry” where they bring in random things and guess whether I’ll tear up or not.


  2. I am there with you.. I try to hold it together but I think in the end I just break down and cry!


  3. Thank goodness I am not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugly tears all the way!


    • right?! yesterday my husband showed me this video of this color bling person getting shades that correct it and I totally lost it! haha It was so beautiful!


  4. You’re not a softie your a woman! haha. :) Me on the opposite, I feel like I have no emotions. I rarely cry unless I am sad. It’s weird. My husband is more of the woman than me! Haha. To each their own!


    • too true! My sister doesn’t cry that easily. Neither she nor my mom cried because of the baby. My dad however… hahaha He and I are big softies. To each their own is so true!


  5. All of these make me cry too! I literally cry in almost every single movie…


  6. I can relate. I’m a huge softie. Especially when it comes to almost every sad movie.


  7. This is adorable. I personally hate crying in front of people and am never quite sure what to do when someone else cries. I usually just sit and listen but man do I feel awkward.


    • a lot of people though. My instinct is move in for a hug. But it gets awkward when I don’t know the person.. haha I don’t want to be taken as a creep. I don’t love crying in front of people, I don’t mind my friends. I try to make sure to watch the sad movies at home though… haha


  8. This post resonates with me on SO many levels! In fact, I too posted a couple weeks ago about random things that make me cry….and the Sarah McLaughlin song was totally on my list. Glad to know there are fellow criers out there who wear their hearts on their sleeves ;) Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks Lita! It’s so true about that song, though! Yesterday I was watching the Red nose Day on tv and I lost it so many times! By the time I forced myself to shut my tv off my eyes were swollen and red. Look forward to connect with you!


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