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the sacred act of listening


This day and age, a lot of people like to talk.

I’m there too. Silence, to me, is uncomfortable. I get the urge to fill it with meaningless conversations so I don’t have to dwell on silence.

Until recently, that is.

the sacred act of listening


I’ve come to tolerate silence. I’ve embraced it, actually.

It’s in my silence that I learn how to listen.

Reading through my most recent purchase (Savour, 365 Devotions) I stopped at this day’s devotion thought. The beauty of listening. And it really hit me.

Just that day I had been talking to a client and she had to say goodbye to her family cat. I immediately jumped on to say things. Things I felt she would like to hear, that would show I empathized with her. But when I looked at her, I just knew.

She didn’t want me to say anything. She wanted me to listen.

I offered her coffee, we sat down, she talked.

I don’t know if it changed anything on her day. I don’t know if it made her feel better, or worse.

But I listened. I devoted time to connect, to be sensitive to someone else’s pain. And it was beautiful.


All around me, people want to be heard. And I’m becoming more aware of it. I will try to listen, more than I will try to say. To gather knowledge, empathy, wisdom, from the words of others. To listen with my eyes, listen with my actions, with my heart. To make it meaningful, graceful and with no judgement. To read between the lines and learn the message.

Listening truly is a sacred act in itself.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

4 thoughts on “the sacred act of listening

  1. You are very right. Listening is more important than many people are aware of. It costs nothing; but at the same time it’s very difficult; more difficult than talking.


  2. Love this. I need to get better at REALLY listening. When I do, I always learn something new.


  3. Really listening, lately, has changed the way I interact with people. I’ve always been nervous in social interactions because I was busy trying to think of the wittiest, most perfect thing to say. When I’m quiet for one second and actually listen I’m realizing I get 10x more value out of the interaction.


  4. Listening can change the world! I need to learn to shut my mouth and just listen..


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