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The value of a moment



value of a moment


Yesterday I was hit with so many little things at once that I needed a moment to breathe.

Nothing bad, truly. There were just so many little moments that brought me joy, fear, panic, and most of all: happiness.

It all started at work. My coworker and I left our door open since it was such nice day, and all of a sudden this tiny little bird flies in and gets stuck. It took me a moment of panic, where I ran from the front, to collect myself.

I took a deep breath, tried to calm my racing heart, and went after it. Poor thing was at least a million times more scared than I was. It took us about 5 minutes, but after it was exhausted I was able to pick it up and bring it outside. It was such a joy that filled my heart when I saw it flying back to the branch and breathing freedom.

It made me feel all fuzzy inside.

Then on my way home, this family of geese decided to stop traffic to cross the street.

All the people that were rushing past me on traffic stopped, and so did I. Not a honk was horned, not a shout was heard. No one cared about being stuck. We were strangers exchanging smiles looking at this scene. At their funny walk, at such an act of carelessness, and at the display of family. No goose is ever to be alone. Strength in number, right?

I followed home with a lightness in my heart, and a smile on my face.

For some reason, it made a big impact on me.

Maybe because it took me overcoming my fear to help someone that needed me more. In that case, this tinny little bird. It transported me back to a time where my grandfather would give us chicks to hold, and teach us how to be gentle, and how to value their lives, for they would one day provide us with nourishment. It reminded me of how he loved birds, and would have a dozen at his house (I cherish these moments, but I don’t agree with caging them). I just felt him. Right there. And it inspired me to push through my panic and help.

And then again with the family. How this single geese family was able to stop traffic and still keep people smiling. How little care they had because they trusted that we would stop for them. And stop, we did.

It’s the little things. I could’ve been bummed because I was stuck an hour late at work. Or because of any other reasons on our daily lives. But these two moments were on the forefront of my mind when I went to bed. These were the moments making me smile, making me want to share this with you.

I would love to know what your last valuable moment was.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

13 thoughts on “The value of a moment

  1. This was such a sweet post and well written.


  2. There are so many little things in life we need to be thankful for and really look back on them!


  3. Love this. Beautiful and so true!


  4. I love beautiful moments like these! <3


  5. Sounds like your day was one for the birds! Glad you got the little one out of the office safely.


    • I know! Definitely one for the birds. It was so sad because at the same time we had a pest control person for the 6 month upkeep on the property and let’s just say the outcome of calling them would be a lot worse. So I’m glad we mustered up our courage to help it.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This is so sweet! I would have also panicked if a bird flew into my office. We were at the beach in April and left the door to the deck open and a bird flew in. I screamed haha.


    • oh, I screamed too. I actually fled from the front until I collected myself. haha I’m not one to do well with flying creatures. I’m still gathering up courage to go to a butterfly enclosure because I think I will pass out. haha


  7. Love all the beautiful moments! I def would of screamed with the bird but than again that’s how I got my old bird – he flew into my moms old apartment than we decided to keep him and he was super sweet.


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