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a weekend to remember


Memorial day has a special meaning to me.

I am one of the blessed ones. Ones that don’t need to remember. My dad able to come home to us in one piece after serving. After fighting for freedom, equality, and peace.

May all of you who lost someone know just how much we appreciate the courage, selflessness and virtue of yours. They are helping the world change for the better. And we are thankful for that. Their service will never be forgotten.

This weekend was a busy one for us. Friday we went to another FNL concert in my town. It was really great! Saturday was my niece’s birthday, so we were able to get off work early and go meet up with them. The kids were having a blast at the pool, but the adults didn’t venture there. It was way too cold for that, still.

JoAnn Fabrics

We gave her tons of fabric and I can’t wait what she’ll do. She’s amazing at sewing. Really talented.

Sunday started off at church. The service was beautiful, and we got to meet more members of the Council. We always feel so welcome there. Everyone tries to make us feel welcome, they remember our names, and we make a point to stop at the coffee hour to have a chance to chat a little. It really lift my spirits up.

After church we went home, and I got started on laundry, cleaning, etc. After a few hours we got ready to go into DC to see a much expected show by Quiet Company.


They are an Austin based band, and their show was amazing! I was a total groupie, singing the songs, tweeting, taking pics. It was amazing.

The Hamilton LiveThe Hamilton Live

I never thought I’d be able to see them. Being from Austin, and not a huge band, I just figured I’d have to love them from afar. But no. Somehow starts aligned and they came. I tweeted about two days beforehand and they responded to me. On the day of, after the show was over, they would all say: “Oh, you’re Andrea – the one who tweeted for us!”

Quiet Company

It made me all giddy inside!

On the final song, they invited everyone to the stage. Ahm, of course I jumped there and had a blast. I was so overwhelmed by the song, the moment, that I started crying. Yup, I do that, remember?

Stage Bound

Brian was having a blast trying to take pictures of me. It was insane.

I was able to get a picture with every band member after the show, and boy did it make me happy. I left the show with high spirits, with love, gratitude for my husband for being such a good sport, and with a few treasures.

Quiet Company Taylor Muse tommy BlankQuiet_Company Merchandise

Memorial Day came, and I was up at 6 doing chores. I finished up the laundry and started cleaning out closets. By the time I came to the biggest problem in the house, our storage closet, I get a phone call.

“Can you come pick me up”. 3 hours, going to the beach. Traffic on the way back. All the mess that exploded out of closet.

Nothing mattered. When you hear that, you go. Why?

Because it’s your mom.

…. she’s done more than that for you. Still does.

…. do it know, ask later.

…. you should.

So I did. I asked Brian to help out finish up the laundry, changed and headed out. It was a tough day. Over 7 hours stuck in a car, with heavy traffic, everyone fed up with trying to get home.

But she’s here. And we will have an amazing time while we can. Isn’t that what I wanted, too? My mom here, to help me? It’s a blessing in disguise. Soon my dad will join us and they’ll all go up to see my niece. I can’t wait for my dad to meet his granddaughter!

I hope you had an amazing memorial day. Filled with family time, friends, joy, and remembrance.



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

9 thoughts on “a weekend to remember

  1. Oh Wow, I don’t know that band, but what an amazing moment for you!! How cool! So glad you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to your dad for his service.


  2. So glad you had a blast! I love reading someone else who is a big Quiet Company fan! I live in Austin and they come on our radio show quite often. Huge fan right here. What a fun treat so far away!


  3. Looks like you had so much fun on stage!!


  4. That fabric is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could sew…


  5. love that picture of you on stage!


  6. I had a super fun weekend out of town. I was traveling most of the day on Monday and didn’t do anything Memorial Day related which makes me sad.


  7. Sounds like an amazing weekend! :)


  8. Such a fun weekend for you! Looks amazing.


  9. What an amazing weekend. Looks like it was a blast.


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