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New Beginnings


Sorry about the silence.

This week has been one of changes, as I told before. Changes don’t always follow a timeline.

One thing I’ve noticed, and should’ve known already, is that this change will affect people differently. So many people were welcoming,  nice, warm and friendly. But then.. there are the ones whose uncalled comments cut deeper than they imagine.

I’d like to think it says more about them than me.

new beginningsvia


But I’m now focused on my future. Not my past.

New beginnings bring out the fresh sense of adventure. And I’m ready for it. My heart is open for new experiences. And in that mindset, here are some favorites on this 3rd of july.


// 4th of July: We are set to have showers throughout the day, which is a bummer. I bought a new swimsuit and all thinking of bbq by the pool. But we will make the best of our day together, I’m’ sure. Moreover, it’s not about the bbq, but it’s about honoring the day. And that will happen come sunshine or rain.

// House projects: We took care of the main problems, but now it’s time to focus on putting it back together. So this Sunday we are putting down some new drywall and a fresh coat of paint in some of the fixes throughout the house.

// New recipes: I’m making a delicious baked apple recipe for 4th of July barbecue at my in-laws. Fingers crossed it’ll turn out great!

// Art: Since we got our tv fixed, and will soon be organizing the office back to what it was before all the tinker, I’m excited to sit down and create more things to add to the shop. I’m also thinking of doing a giveaway to promote it as well. Any ideas?

Happy 4th to you, and yours. Be safe, and enjoy the fireworks and the family!



Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

14 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Good luck with the apple pie and I hope the weather stays good for your bbq I am sadly out of the country for all the 4th of July celebrations but I will enjoy reading all the blog posts soon Happy 4th :)


    • It was grand! I ended up making croissants and they were delicious! There was none for me to take back home. Hope you enjoy your out of the country stay! :)


  2. It’s such a bummer to get rain on a holiday weekend, but I hope that apple pie brightens things up for you. And best of luck with your house projects!


    • Thanks Brittany! So far we tackled everything we wanted to on our list (yay!) And we were even able to jump in the pool on Saturday too. It was amazing! hope you had a great 4th with your family as well!


  3. Happy 4th of July!!! I will be celebrating it in Canada!!! Enjoy the time with family and celebrate!!


    • Hope you had a great 4th in Canada. I was able to visit it a few years ago (maybe 7? yikes!) and I fell in love. Quebec is by far the most charming one we saw. :)


  4. i love baked apples- how do you make yours? Hope everything turns out! -Lindsay http://www.itssimplylindsay.com


    • I found a recipe at Pillsbury. It’s pretty simple. You just need their crescent dough, brown sugar and apple spice and of course apples. You cut the dough in 8 triangles, cover them with a mixture of brown sugar and apple spice. Cut 8 apple slices (peeled and cored) dip them in the butter and roll them on the dough. It tasted heavenly. We brushed the left over butter on top for that golden color, and there was none left for me to take back home. ;)


  5. Sorry about the rain, but at least you have a good perspective about the day and what it’s about. :) And I love baked apple desserts, yum! Hope you have a great weekend!


    • Thanks Justine! It was pretty great. The rain came and went, but we were lucky and jumped in the pool and were even able to watch the fireworks outside too. Hope your 4th was great!


  6. Yummy apple pie! I hope you had a lovely Fourth of July :)

    Pop over to my blog!



  7. Thanks Sarah, I hope you had a great one yourself!


  8. I definitely agree with you that when people make hurtful comment that are just totally uncalled for, it has everything to do with the other person, and very rarely anything to do with you! <3 I'm trying the same thing – focusing on the present and future – instead of the past… so far it's worked out really well :D !


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