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let’s talk about body


This weekend I was happy to be surrounded by my dearest people.

From barbecues with the brother in law and his girlfriend, to cooking new recipes, dinner with the family, board games with everyone.. this weekend reopened my eyes to just how important it is to have quality time with the family.

As soon as we realized it was a good enough weather, the kiddos wanted me to jump in the pool. And I was very excited since I had gotten a new one piece for the rest of the summer. But my focus was somewhere else. Automatically sirens went off. My mind screamed: you’re fat, your legs are ugly, they will look, and talk.

I almost left it at home.

Then I remembered a passage I read from Savour.

body of God

God made us all beautiful. God made us all perfect, to His image.

Why would I break a sweat over how I look? As I see I have 2 options: I either change my habits, or accept and feel comfortable in this body of mine.

Is it worth denying myself family time with the kids because I don’t love how I look? Is it worth missing out on so much?

No. Nothing is worth it.

Which is why I put that bathing suit on. Just in case.

They asked, begged, for the rain to stop. For us to go and have fun. Our first pool of the season – is what they were hoping for. I heard tales of what they could do now. Of how my nephew can finally reach the bottom of the pool!

Oh, the tales. They were so happy. So excited to show their Aunt Andrea all their moves. And little did they know that their aunt was too busy thinking of how she would look, instead of how much fun she would have.

Of how little of herself she thinks, but of how much she wants them to love their own bodies. Of every little imperfection she sees on herself, but of how glorious she thinks of others and their bodies. It is wrong.

It brings nothing but sadness, anger and despair to me. And it adds no joy to anyone’s life. This is not how I want to live my life. I want to smile, be carefree, enjoy my life. Focus on who I am instead of how I look. On how I live my life meaningfully. On how my actions will impact others, and not just myself.

From then on, I decided I would focus on how I treat my body, instead oh how it looks.

So when the rain stopped, and the sun shone bright in the sky, I jumped in the pool with the kids. And amidst all the laughter and the joy, the last thing on my mind was how my body looked. All I could think of was how happy we were.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

27 thoughts on “let’s talk about body

  1. I especially love the part where you said, “Why would I break a sweat over how I look? As I see I have 2 options: I either change my habits, or accept and feel comfortable in this body of mine.” Amen to that.

    I might not be able to quite fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans just yet, but my daughter doesn’t mind as long as I can still play with her, and my husband still loves me and makes it a point to tell me that I’m beautiful all the time, so I’m over being down on myself. :)

    This was a great read with a message definitely worth spreading! Thanks for sharing!


    • It’s so true, isn’t it? And I can assure you your daughter will not remember how mommy looked, but she will remember the fun times you two have together. :) Thank you so much for commenting!


  2. I’m so glad that you decided to jump in. I love how you took the time to evaluate the positives you’d missing out on by thinking negatively about yourself. Confidence in your body can be so hard to achieve. It’s taken me nearly all my life (I’m now 30) to finally love this body of mine (and it was like starting over with learning to love myself after pregnancy). But, I’ve definitely been so much happier now that I’ve learned to accept the body that I’ve been given and love myself. I pray you continue to love yourself as well!


    • Thank you , and please do. I also pray that I come to love my own body as it is. I hope to one day achieve the same success you have (plus you’re amazing for having given birth – that’s the most wonderful gift from God :) )


  3. Great for you! I always am so mad at how woman are perceived in the media! Dove had this AMAZING campaign where the took regular woman and did a “beauty” photo shot! Wow! They did the whole makeup thing and the crazy part is after the photo shot they did the Photoshop on the pictures! WOW! The final product which was “magazine” ready did not even look like the same females! It was crazy! The media sets unrealistic images of women and it is not fair! All women are beautiful regardless of what size we are or what we do not like about our bodies! The media has ruined our own self image! You are beautiful, you are a wife and you are a mother! I believe those qualify you as a BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! Glad you were able to overcome that fear, I myself struggled with that for years and still do a little, however I take in advise from my husband and family, nobody else opinion matters to me anymore! If you don’t like me in a swimsuit, tough, I don’t like your judgments! Glad you enjoyed fun time with the family! Great post!
    ~Amanda Marie~


    • I’ve seen that too! And it was amazing – and so eye opening! I can only imagine how they feel to be photoshopped like crazy so people can love you and want to be like you.

      It would be amazing to have real people on covers. Real women, with real flaws, but still beautiful. Thank you so much and it’s so true. I will always remember that: “if you don’t like me in a swimsuit, though, I don’t like your judgement!” I’ll always carry that with me.


  4. Correction, sorry meant to say Auntie! Although being a mother of a furry little kitten is a tough job!


    • yes it is! She just ruined one of my favorite shirts and is constantly wanting attention! haha tough job! (not a doubt it is super easy compared to kids, but let’s give ourselves some credit. right?)


  5. This is so beautiful. Such prevalent self-doubts we all have over the summer. Thanks for sharing!


  6. This is so great! It’s so important to live in the moment and be there for ourselves and our loved ones rather than worrying about what other people think of us.
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs


  7. I am so glad you took a leap, into the pool and into life! Great post.


  8. Thank you for sharing!! This is such a great reminder to not let self- doubt keep us from great experiences and memories.


  9. That is wonderful! So happy you decided to focus on your family and have fun. It’s so hard not to focus on parts of our body we don’t like…I do it all the time. I’m working on making changes, but until then, I try not to let it stop me either. Thanks for the great post.


    • you shouldn’t! If there’s one thing I’ve learned that weekend it was that – not to let your insecurities control your life! hope it helps when you have doubts too. Focus on the amazing human that you are! :)


  10. I do the same thing! It’s sad but true that a lot of women never feel like they measure up. We all need to start being kinder to ourselves! :)


    • THat’s really it, at the end. Be kind to ourselves. And others. It makes no sense to try and overcome your own insecurities but to comment about someone else’s flaws (in your eyes). We have to support, and be kind to each other, and automatically you’ll start being kinder to yourself.


  11. Be who you are! I know it’s easier said than done, but be content with yourself and don’t let others make you feel less than. Most of the time, these feelings are actually just in our heads….


  12. So true!! I read something a while back saying that when you’re old, you won’t think about the little bit of fat on your body or how your hair wasn’t in place. You will remember the memories that you make, and that’s so much more important!


    • it is! That’s who I want to be from now on. Someone focused on making memories, and not being stuck on insecurities. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that people will like you so much more for the person you are instead of how you look.


  13. I think we are pre wired to want to be a different size – a smaller size – than we are…and that is unfortunate because everybody is beautiful, as cliche as this sounds!

    It takes a lot to truly feel happy with yourself as a woman and I think this post is so uplifting and positive towards feeling beautiful as you are instead of aiming to be a better beautiful you wish to be! Great post :)


    • Thanks Samantha! Everyone has a body type, a height, a shape. And instead of bashing each other and specially ourselves, we have to start being kind. We truly are all beautiful and I long for the days where inner beauty will be celebrated more than outer.


  14. Você é linda, sempre foi e sempre será. E o que tem dentro de você é mais lindo ainda. E eu me orgulho muito se ser sua amiga, e a vontade que eu tive de ler seus últimos posts é te abraçar tantoooo. Mas sinta esse abraço virtual. Fazia tempo q nao vinha aqui e gostei do que VI, vamos q vamos Deinha. Te amo!


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