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Weekend Recap – a grateful Heart


Weekends are the best, and should therefore be longer. (amiright?)

This weekend started by going to The Beach exhibit in DC. The hubs and I are not fans of driving into the city (/rant) If you’ve never been to D.C. sometimes roads change directions, the gps is always wrong, parking is SUPER expensive. (/end rant)

So we looked online and the exhibit was actually across the street from the metro. Jackpot! We drove our car, parked for free at the metro and rode merrily to D.C. I’ve never been to the National Building Museum. Didn’t even know where it was located. My friend found out about the exhibit and all I could think was that I needed to go.

national building museumWe didn’t really plan anything. We just knew we were going and that we wanted lunch afterwards. Turns out the waiting period is about 1.5 hours to buy your tickets, and another hour to be able to go in.

Safe to say we weren’t super happy, but we did what groups do: laughed, talked, caught up with each other’s lives and took some pictures.

The Beach - DCThe Beach - DC

The Museum is beautiful inside. We didn’t explore the other floors, but it was huge.

The Beach DC

I didn’t understand how that many people would fit in the exhibit. But I was surprised with how packed it was! Kids from all ages, elderly people jumping in the “water”. It was like relieving my childhood.

Now, if you’re a germaphobe that may not be the place for you. I couldn’t tell, but as far as I was concerned it was decently clean. It’s a ball pit, people. Things are going to have everyone’s germs on it. But it’s fun. Boy, is it fun.

The Beach - DCThe Beach DC

We all had a blast, hung out for about an hour, burring ourselves, trying to get up, chilling. It was a fun sight. I get slightly panicky when I am buried, so I wasn’t a fan of that part, but everything else was a blast. I needed Brian all the way though. I got stuck deep so many times. It was funny, but pitiful. He was a lot better than me.

And let’s not talk about the kids, ok? Because the little people were pros! diving off platforms, going all over us, while we kept getting stuck.. Is this how getting old feels? Darn, I’m too young for that!

It was a blast. I would definitely recommend this to anyone around the area. It’s open until the first week of September. So if you are around, check it out!

The Beach - DCWe ended up eating somewhere afterwards and it was delicious! We ordered pizza, and I had a gourmet chicken pesto, that was devoured before I could snap a picture (horrible blogger that I am). But I managed to snap one of our desert, who was waaaaay expensive, and had way too much alcohol in it.

the Beach DC

The waitress conveniently forgot to mention how much more expensive it would be, which put us all in a sour mood. We wouldn’t mind the price had she told us in advance, but making money like that is just dishonest. Next time I’ll stick to the menu, thank you very much.

After a nice ride home, in which I beat the hubs at Sudoku (I mean, I obsessively play this thing every day) we went over to another friend’s house for more pizza (ill planed on our part) and a round of Cards Against Humanity.

Safe to say I need this game asap! It’s not for the easily offended. You always go for the most shock factor. I shuddered at some of my own answers, but boy was it worth it. I plan on playing it again very very soon. And maybe even adding this to our own game collection.

cards against humanity

Monday was a day to rest, and get all last minute things for all the paperwork in my life. Fingers crossed, keep us in your prayers that it will all go smoothly. It’s nerve wrecking and I just hope things will go right.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

25 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – a grateful Heart

  1. Looks like a great field trip! I totally get it when you rant about parking and traffic. We’re in Minneapolis so I’m sure it’s nothing like DC but it sure can be frustrating.


    • I have friends that don’t mind the crazy parking thing, but we certainly do. Plus we have epic Sudoku fights in the metro, and we couldn’t do that if one of us were driving ;)


  2. Great weekend! I have never heard of the Beach exhibit! It looks like fun! I have not been to D.C. in YEARS! I currently live in South Carolina so it would be harder to visit although I LOVE being in D.C.! Even tho you ate pizza twice in one day it sounds and looks very yummy! I hate when servers pull one over on me, I would rather go somewhere where there are not servers! Glad you had a fun weekend!
    ~Amanda Marie~


    • Isn’t that right about servers? I mean, I got you, you need to make money. But we would’ve given a better tip had she not done that. She was nice enough that she deserved. Oh, well.
      I’ve never been to SC but I reeeeally want to! It’s definitely on my bucket list! I love DC – the free museums, outside activities, fairs, festivals. There’s so much to do and see!


  3. This looks so amazing! I wish we could visit D.C. for cool exhibits like these. Living in Washington must be so amazing!


    • It’s pretty great. We live in the suburbs (because there’s no way we would ever live in the city – price wise and traffic wise). But it’s a short metro ride away. So we do get a lot out of the city. I absolutely love their cherry blossom festival, but it’s always nice to be so close to politics too – I’ve been to an inauguration and it was the best thing ever!


  4. I would have totally jumped in that ball pit! How fun! =)


  5. Glad you enjoyed my city! Love living here :D


  6. What a fun time! The ice cream makes my tummy growl


    • haha trust me, there was SO much alcohol I actually hated it. I took a couple bites off the ice cream and maybe one full one on the brownie. But it tastes awful (I don’t mind alcohol, but too much of it and it gets nauseating).


  7. What a fun time!! Love the random dates like this.


  8. Wow! Looks like you guys had an awesome time! I don’t think I could do the ball pit. But, the place looks amazing.


    • the pit was a must after almost 3 hours waiting. We needed to experience it all. But it was fun, and you couldn’t see people doing anything yucky around the balls. Truly they were just jumping and playing around. A bath was taken as soon as we came back. but it was totally worth it. haha


  9. That building looks amazing! Looks like a great time!


    • It definitely was! The building is huge – there were so many details we wanted to see more of. But the wait was really long and by 3 we were just dying to get some food in our tummys.


  10. The beach exhibit looks like a lot of fun! I used to be a waiter and it’s def not right not telling people that they will be charged extra for stuff. The dessert did luck yummy though. Great post!


  11. This sounds like a stellar weekend! That exhibit looks amazing though. Also, that rant about DC? Completely accurate.


    • isn’t it? Ugh. Our friends never mind. They are always driving around. I just can’t imagine it. 495 is bad enough without DC traffic. So to save ourselves from the pain we prefer to metro. haha It was a pretty stellar weekend though! We got to see and do so much and got a lot accomplished!


  12. Seriously, you gotta watch out for those tricky “special” entrees and desserts. I hate that. It’s like, oh yeah that chicken sounds good… wait it’s $57?! Who do these people think we are? Sounds like you had fun, though, minus the long wait for tickets, etc.


  13. Oh my gosh I’ve heard of The Beach and want to go so badly! But alas, I live in Michigan so I won’t be able to. Booo!
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs


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