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This week has been insane.  And it’s only Wednesday. yikes!

My days have been nothing short of crazy, so here’s a sneak peek at my life!


1. New friends! – I have finally added some of my artwork to my office wall and it’s made me super happy! I designated 2 walls for my artwork. The other side has been up for a while, and it houses most of my lettering work. I wanted this side to be all about detailed, delicate flowers. I’m in love!

2. New journey! – This week marks the start of my new journey. I found a new job! It’s in a very prestigious doctor’s office, and so far it’s been nothing short of challenging, but amazing. I’m tired, but excited. I can’t wait to see where that takes me.

3. Friendship – I had all my former coworkers come to my house for some bbq and fun. It was sweltering (95º!), but the food was amazing (I cooked Jenn’s Chicken Buffalo dip and it was all gone! Such a hit!). We ended the night playing some Cards Against Humanity and laughing about how awful it is.

4. Life– My life has been filled with tons of paperwork. Being a foreigner is no fun, but it’s totally worth it. I hope USCIS can be nice enough to me and let me stay where I am – I truly love my life: my hubs, our home, our kitten, future babies. Love them all. Can’t imagine having to say goodbye to them.

5. Free time! – My work schedule has flipped to an amazing 8-5pm. So I’m out of the door when I’m really energetic (love me some morning!) and I’m back by 5:40 – 6. Ready to enjoy a long, nice, quiet night.

Sorry that this week’s posts will be scattered. I had too much fun on Sunday to remember pictures – I told about being a bad blogger – and worked Saturday. So from now on my weekends will start looking normal. And there’s so much in store for this weekend. I’m so excited!


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

21 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Congrats on your new job! Hope every thing smooths out for you :)


  2. Good luck on your new journey aka your new job!


  3. Congrats on the new chapter! Try not to drown in paperwork too much! haha. Nights are the best when spent at home in my opinion. :)


    • haha it’s impossible. Paperwork is inevitable, which is a bummer. But as long as it’s done, I’m happy about it! And you are SO right. Every time I think of going out I look down at my pjs and my tv, and the cat curled around me. Done. home it is. haha


  4. Your artwork is beautiful! Do you have an Etsy shop? Cards Against Humanity is the best. We played that with friends last New Year’s and it’s hilarious (and bad). Haha!


  5. Hi! Congrats on your new job and your artwork is beautiful!


  6. Congrats on your new job!!! Love your artwork. Having an 8-5 schedule is really nice (for the most part). Good luck when you start the new job!


  7. Awww! It sounds like everything is looking upward for you. Congrats to your new job, new friends, new time schedule!


  8. Good luck! Nice artwork, give yourself a nice pampering this weekend.


  9. That’s a pretty eventful week! A lot of new beginnings for you, it seems. Congratulations of the big new job.
    P.S. My mom makes a chicken buffalo dip and it’s always a hit in our house as well. LOVE it!!!


  10. I’m so jealous that you’re a morning person! ;) Congrats on the new job!
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs


  11. Thanks Caitlin! It’s a gift. And it’s funny cause my husband is totally a night person. So by the time he wakes up I’m itching to get moving! By that point I will have been awake for over 4 hours lol


  12. I’m so trying to be a morning person! Beautiful artwork!


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