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Thankful Monday – family edition

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This weekend was a very meaningful one to my family.

family walk

We drove up to my sister and brother in law’s house on Saturday morning. It had been almost 2 months since I had last seen my beautiful niece. We had the chance to interact with her (she’s so big!), to go for a long walk, to hear stories, to work on projects and to catch up on life.

It was grand.

This was also the weekend my goddaughter had her dedication. She was welcomed, officially, by her family, community, and friends.

Yesterday I stood next to her with her godfather, and together we promised to guide her, and love her, to the best of our abilities. To be there for her – more than just family. To be a moral compass, a fun aunt/uncle. To love her like she is our own.

I didn’t need a ceremony for that, naturally. I already love her as my own.

I know it may sound weird to some, but the way I look at it, I love my sister. She is my best friend, my confident, my teacher, my attorney on immigration matters, my role model. And she’s a fierce mama.

It’s only natural that this little human being that was made from her would mean just as much to me, right?


It was with a full heart, the biggest smile and a joyful soul that we celebrated the little miss. And I’m thankful for representing all her family from Brazil, who would love to be here. To show her how much she is loved by family and friends that have yet to meet this princess.


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