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I’m a slacker, sometimes (and I pay the price)

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I’d like to think I’m a doer. I’d like to think I’m on top of things. Mostly I am. I can tell you how I already have birthday cards for people with birthdays in November. I can tell you how I already have new decorations for Christmas. How I know the things I want to improve in the house and which ones I can do on my own, at my own time.

Isn’t this what a doer does?

But then.. there are things I’m just not good at being on top of.

Like prescriptions.

They have always just been there for me. And when I ran out, I had my mom (who’s a doctor) so she could refill most things for me if it was dire.

So when I finally caught on that my asthma medication was running low (as in: 3 more doses), I slacked. Didn’t call them. I was doing so well I became one of these “I’m so much better now I don’t even need it anymore” type of people.


Here I am, day 5 into no asthma medication (thank God for my back up inhaler!) and I’m paying the price. The serious price. Days are longer, lungs are heavier, wheezing has started. I wake up at night with trouble breathing.

quit slackinvia

This doer finally put on her big “do it” shoes and switched everything to home delivery (which is mandatory and I slacked to make the transition). And now I’m here, twirling my fingers, not exercising, breathing hard, waiting for my medication to come.

The struggle is real, guys.


Author: Andrea T

Happily married to the sweetest guy, mother to a furry kitten, lover of all things shiny and sparkly. Quirky, girly and passionate about illustration and design.

One thought on “I’m a slacker, sometimes (and I pay the price)

  1. Dea, como assim vc está assim e não falou pra gente? Affeee vou mandar uma babá eletrônica prai pra ficar te vigiando hahahah
    Fique bem minha rolicinha amada. E adorei esse quadrinho ai, vc que pintou essas flores? Pode fazer igual lá pro nosso negócio :)
    Adorei o último post e saber que Brian tem te apoiado por ai. Fico feliz te vendo feliz :)
    Love you


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