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I’ve moved!

Hi, everyone!


I’ve seen a few new followers and I felt like it was time to stop by and say: we’ve moved!

To better accommodate my shop and all the fun stuff we’ve planned we are now officially at:


new page


Stop by, grab a nice cup of hot cocoa and let’s get to know one another, shall we?



Blog Goals

This week has been all about looking back at 2015 and looking forward into the next 12 months of the year.

What are you aiming for? What do you want to do with your life in the next 357 days of the year (and counting..)

I know I want to accomplish tons!

But let me pause. I have, for the past 2 weeks, watched, read, researched a ton about setting goals for your business and blogs. And they all have a common start:

blog goals - be realistic

I would love to aim super high and say I wanted to quit my day job and live off of my store + blog. But how realistic is it?

Also, a great point made by Alexis, from Strange & Charmed was that a lot of businesses that come from nowhere and become viral usually aren’t equipped for it, and end up failing pretty fast too.

I’d rather go for what she refers to as an organic growth. To be able to set up small steps, and work super hard to achieve them – and to achieve even more. To blow it out of the water.

But I know my limitations. Having a full time job (that usually runs about 50 – 55 hours a week) leaves me with little time to constantly add meaningful content to both my blog, my store, and my social media platforms.

After a lot of research and thought I settled into 3 main overall blog /business goals.

blog goals

I looked at my numbers and realized that they are lower than I wanted, but still pretty good for someone who did no marketing and wasn’t consistent with networking with the blogging community.

I knew there were plans in motion to expand my reach within the community, but it is still what I’m confident I can manage with the resources I have. And by that I mainly mean my time.

I’m confident, though, that these are attainable. And if they are not, no problem. Our income does not depend on how I fair with this blog or my business. So there is a fall back plan in case this doesn’t work.

Regarding the meeting I don’t know how attainable it can be due to already taking some time off for family reunions, travels and weddings. So it will depend on how my work schedule / time off works.

But a girl can dream. I especially want to go to a Maiedae mixer. I have followed Jenny and Savannah for ages, and they have achieved the dream I have. Jenny specially, because of the similar business models/ types is an inspiration as to where I want each lovely thing to be in life.

What about you? What are your blog goals? Do you have any other conferences/ meeting you would recommend me to check out?

And if you want to help me achieve my dream, please take a moment to check out my twitter, instagram and visit my shop. You never know if there’s something that catches your eye for a friend, family member or yourself.

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Half full, always

I’ve toyed with the idea of sharing our Christmas décor sooner, but right now my house is covered with flooring, padding and wooden trims.

Yup. We are about to redo our floors, and to top it off there were signs of termite, so our terminator pulled some of the trim around our french doors and they found a new home in the middle of the tv room.

It’s a dream come true.

But now that the time is coming to take my decor down I refused to let it go before documenting it.

That’s called a glass half full..

And it wasn’t that full at the end of 2014. So I’m thinking there was some improvement done, right?

Here are some snipets of our home, decorated for the most wonderful time of the year.

porcelain deer

tv standChristmas treeeach lovely thing sign

I loved how I was able to use some of my art to decorate our house. It warms my heart when I see all the decor out and I see how much love went into creating all of these pieces.

I can’t wait to get into all the renovating downstairs, and to see the final piece. Let’s hope I can say I stayed Half-full minded throughout the process..


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Each Lovely Thing

Sorry about the cobwebs, and quietness around these parts.

There have been some great things in motion that I’m super excited to share with you. As of the past week, each lovely thing became it’s own thing.

It’s no longer just my personal blog. I’ve prayed, studied and thought over and over about where I wanted this brand to go. About what I really wanted to do with my life. It started as a thought, it became reality when I created this blog, and after so much encouragement, thought, time, and love, I’m so very happy and proud to show off the fruits of our labor.

each lovely thing

Yes, our. This place was built initially by me, but without my husband’s, family and friend’s contribution this would not truly have happened. You guys are amazing, each and every single one of you.

This dream of mine is only possible because of your faith in me. Because of the love and care that you have given me. Thank you for keeping up with me and my blog through my other social media outlets, and for your support.

So, in this mindset, I present to you the new and improved each lovely thing site. I hope you stick by me as I unfold this dream of mine, and I appreciate your support, as always.

To celebrate this step (and my birthday week) I’m giving you a 15% off promo code! When  you buy at least $20 in products you can take 15% off of your total! Just use the promo code LAUNCH15!

Thank you for all your love and support! I can’t wait to see where this dream of mine takes me!


Encouragement is key

Life is made of trials. Life is made of choices, and you hope you pick the right one for you and your family, if you at all have a choice.

When it came down to which path to take, I’ve been very, very blessed to have so many encouraging voices around me. A family that cares for me, our struggles, and most of all, loving voices that support our choices and guide us through our journey.

And I’ve needed a lot of guidance.

I’ve been feeling “out of it” lately. There’s not much I do when that happens. I have no inspiration, no energy, no willpower. I go to work, come home exhausted, watch tv, go to bed.

By day 3, the hubs sat down with me.

He held my hand, looked into my eyes and asked me to share the burden. Asked me to open up, share my struggle, find some peace.

He listened, he heard me. And he gave me what I needed most: encouragement.

be thankful sign


I never realized how much I need his support. How much his encouragement and having him on my team matters to me. And I thank God every day ( I truly do) for giving me the chance to share a life with this guy.

Plus our amazing friends also have our back, and it’s funny how much encouragement comes from the most unexpected places too. I am so very thankful for all the love and support I’ve gotten lately.

And just like that my energy came back. That fire within me started burning bright and my passion for art and lettering was increased ten fold. I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and trying to work with mediums and techniques I haven’t used as often.

And can I confess..


I’m loving it!


I don’t know where that will take me, or if there’s a future there at all. But I am having a blast connecting with my inner creativity and letting my passion flow through my pen + brush.

So if you have a minute, please check back to my shop and check out the new items. It means the world to me. And I’m very thankful for each of you for your support.


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Weekend Catch up

I wish I could say I’ve accomplished all I wanted on the weekend.

But I didn’t.

Friday our physician had the greatest idea of giving all of us at work a flu shot. Which is amazing, free, and needed. I’ve taken them before and was fine. Just not with this one. I went to bed feeling fine, and woke up feeling as if I had the flu.

Safe to say 90% of my day was spent in bed, watching tv and trying to feel better.

But, if you know me, you know I refuse to waste a day. I just can’t. So I took some airborne, some allergy medicine, and ventured outside to work in this beauty.


And it looks pretty great! I’ll share a picture soon. I’m just about finished decorating it for Fall/ Halloween. I also worked on  doing some Christmas things for the shop. I’ll be putting them up pretty soon. I’m taking this Sunday as a day off from anything aside from laundry and art. There, I said it.

each lovely thing art

(now we wait for the universe to come up with something else to do)

But last Sunday, we got all the family together to go to Kings Dominion!

kings dominion

Not all the kiddos could go, but 2 of them did. We took turns going with them to the attractions, and boy, was my nephew all excited! We went to so many attractions together, but he is still too small for most of them. My niece however, is tall enough for most rides, so we got to go to a few roller coaster and I love it that she’s a lover of them as well.

We stayed out all day, got to go on so many roller coasters, rides, and eat bad food. Perfect weekend with the family. We are all getting together next weekend and I can’t wait!

Here is a post-fun picture taken at 6pm after rides, sun and fun took a toll on us (and specially our hair). You are welcome.

kings dominion


The Saga Continues

Happy Labor Day. I hope you enjoyed the weekend and are able to enjoy this day with your significant others! I know I’ve been MIA. But I have to say: I was trying to be better with posting.

Truly better, but I will be honest and say that scheduling posts is not my forte. I try to bring to the table what really happens, in real time. I had a list of things I wanted to say and all, but after a while it became more forced that I intended it to.

It’s a hard choice to make: do you put more content out for the sake of it? Or do you keep posts to a minimum and really engage your reader? I will try to go deeper into daily happenings. Sometimes going through the motions of the day and forgetting about this space of mine happens, and I’m ashamed that I don’t try harder.

Still, I don’t profit from this space of mine, so I want it to be fun. And not a chore on my list. And I do have things I want to, maybe even need to share!

Since my happy news I decided I needed to be more proactive with my art. And that’s why, friends, I have a new website! You can find it on the top of my blog, under the tab art! Or click right on this picture here too! I’d love to know what you think!

each lovely thing site

But I wasn’t talking about this saga only when I mentioned that it continues on..

I’ve been keeping an eye open on various items that need to be changed in the house. Well, actually they don’t need to be changed. But my style has evolved, and these were here since the house was inhabited by college boys, so it’s about time to give it a face lift.

We are trying to merge our styles to find a great chandelier for our dining table as well as new lightning for the kitchen. But his traditional ways and my rustic/modern are having a hard time finding a common place. Ive looked at 5 different sites and probably at 200+ items and we have yet to agree on one. Ugh.

My friend and I even drove to Leesburg in hopes of finding one in the Restoration Hardware store. But no luck. They had great stuff, just not the ones I was looking for. I did find a great farm style table, but then again, we don’t need one. not now anyway. But I did get some ideas on how to update ours.

My mind never stops thinking on ways of improving our home. It’s great, but bad also, in a way. Aren’t you supposed to be happy in your home? To be grateful, thankful for all that you have?

My heart is. Grateful for the roof over our heads, for the coziness of our lives. But our house, like most, still needs some improvements. But unlike before, I really want it to be more like “us” instead of me. It’s his house too, and we already came up with ideas on how to incorporate more of his style and things into the house.

Now if we could just decide on a light for the dinning table…

Do you have opposite styles than your husbands? How do you make him a part of your decorating plans?