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Half full, always

I’ve toyed with the idea of sharing our Christmas décor sooner, but right now my house is covered with flooring, padding and wooden trims.

Yup. We are about to redo our floors, and to top it off there were signs of termite, so our terminator pulled some of the trim around our french doors and they found a new home in the middle of the tv room.

It’s a dream come true.

But now that the time is coming to take my decor down I refused to let it go before documenting it.

That’s called a glass half full..

And it wasn’t that full at the end of 2014. So I’m thinking there was some improvement done, right?

Here are some snipets of our home, decorated for the most wonderful time of the year.

porcelain deer

tv standChristmas treeeach lovely thing sign

I loved how I was able to use some of my art to decorate our house. It warms my heart when I see all the decor out and I see how much love went into creating all of these pieces.

I can’t wait to get into all the renovating downstairs, and to see the final piece. Let’s hope I can say I stayed Half-full minded throughout the process..



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December weekends are the best..

Christmas decor

It’s no surprise how much I love December. I wake up to such a nice, warm living room, beautiful flickering lights… There’s something very special about how festive all December days are.

Also, somehow all of our weekends are always tied up to something Christmas related – so you won’t hear a single complaint from this girl.

This past weekend was spent at my in-laws. Saturday was the day of getting some last minute shopping done for the tree (thanks Pier 1 for some cute, unique & discounted ornaments!) and go to my in-laws to help pick out a tree and set it up.

Sunday morning saw us being formally accepted as new members to our Church. I absolutely love our community, and I love how families have been going there for over 20+ years. It’s their second home and I just hope we will soon be one of those families.

Right afterwards we went back to my in-laws to help with tree decorations. She is hosting a party on Saturday and the tree has to be done done.

It was an amazing time to be surrounded by family and decorating a 12ft tree! Ours is barely a 6-7 foot one, so it makes my day to decorate such a large one.

This weekend left me feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy from family time, and from finding our place in our church. I can only hope I can do as much for them as they have already done for us. Time to put my time to good use for our community!

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I’m obsessed!

There are few and far things I’m obsessed about. My husband and cat, and nieces/nephew are on top of that list, naturally.

But in terms of things, or shows, I’m currently obsessed with Fixer Upper.

fixer upper

It’s my escape during the week. It’s my guilty pleasure on Tuesdays night, and then on Sunday mornings when they have the reruns.

Our flooring choice was made based on that show. And then the decor, and then the new kitchen update idea.

I swear it’s taking over my design choices.

So much so that I ended up going to their website Magnolia Homes and it was the only place I found the exact things I’ve been looking for for ages.

I introduce you my 2 kitchen staples:

galvanized letter holder

Brian and I have this ongoing problem of not having a place to deposit our keys + mail when we pick it up. So it gathers in the dinning table until one of us finds it in them to look through it.

I’ve always wanted a mailbox type of thing. They are usually bulky and huge, so I was happily surprised when I found this galvanized envelope on their site. Plus it wasn’t even expensive!

galvanized letter holder

We received it and it’s a tad smaller than I was anticipating. Not a problem, though. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it as well as be able to put more things next to it too. It fits pretty much all of what we receive (most magazines and bigger mail go straight to the recycling bin).

For the keys I ended up finding something else to put right next to door as you come in (but I have this inane fear that someone will break in and grab our keys. Which makes no sense since they’ll be in already. But you know fears, they don’t always make sense).

cookbook holder

We also got this amazing cookbook holder. Brian and I are finally shaping up and realizing we need to get better at this whole eating thing. I went to the groceries and tried to get some clean things to help us out during this time, and I always revert back to the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook for inspiration on delicious dishes.

I’m super excited with the purchases and I can’t wait to find their forever homes in our kitchen.

What are you currently obsessed with?

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Weekend Recap/ Grateful Heart

Am I the only one obsessing over this upcoming 3 day weekend? It feels like time passes by way too fast when you’re off from work.

This weekend was pretty amazing though, and quite a few things happened. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed that I finally got started with my KonMarie tidying up method. I’m not following it quite by the book (oops), but 99% of clothes were purged. I just need to tackle our coat closet, of which I know of a couple items I am ready to part with.

But this is how it all started:

Saturday morning I woke up quite early, spent my quiet morning sipping my breakfast and reading and catching up on Fixer Upper until my friend and I met up at the Farmer’s Market. It had been a while since I’ve been in one and I’m obsessed again. Plus, they take cards which make my life easier.farmers_market

I went from there straight to the salon, to see my favorite gals, and to beg for a cut, which luckily I got. Ohmerged it’s so short on the back I love it!


I came home and on a spur of the moment decided I needed to clean out the closet putting Miss Kondo’s techniques to test. I tried to take all music out and for the most part I did. Then I added some relaxation music, and then I gave up and watched tv. The house was too silent and it kinda of freaked me out.

I started with a massive circle of clothing around me, going item by item until I touched, looked at, and felt everything. It funny to thing that you have to do that, but it truly is a game changer. It’s like you’re studying your relationship with a single item.

konmarie method

I am scared to admit, but it took me about 5.5 hours to go through all my belongings and to put them back in the closet. When I decide to do something, I go all out. So I spent some time moving things around in the closet  (which I share with the hubs), adding/removing shelves and figuring out where I needed to place things to spark joy every time I walked in the closet.

I won’t add a picture of the closet per se, because I think it’s a bit weird, plus when you still have enough clothing it never quite looks super organized (which pains me to no end), but it looks tons better and I’m so proud that I took enough time to follow through with it!

This is the halfway point of purging. Don’t be fooled, I’m sure there were easily over 150 articles of clothing on that pile one I was done.


Sunday I was woken up at 5am by pets that know not the meaning of a weekend. I stalled until 6, but lost the battle. So back I went to sip on some more breakfast, read my book and enjoy a quiet morning.

We had my brother in law and his girlfriend over for a barbecue and pool time. It was super nice! We grilled the veggies we got at the farmer’s market, got some sun, and enjoyed each other.

The end of the night was spent watching Fear of the Walking Dead (which is starting off to be super awesome), and finishing up with tidying my bedside table. I cuddled the little rascal, while shaking my head to all things vmas.


All in all, I got tons done this weekend, and it made me think back to how grateful I am to all my friendships and all the amazing news the girls had to share, of family and how much I enjoy spending time with them, and with how thankful I am for owning enough that I can take time to give some of it away to people that will cherish them a lot more than I will.

How was your weekend?

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Friday Letters

I know, I know.. It’s Saturday.

But life has been crazy around these parts, so I apologize for the lack of posts and the answer to your comments. They will all come back to normal next week.

I’ve seen Jessica posting these letters before, and I have wanters to participate in them. I not always have 5 favorites on Friday to write about, but a letter?! One can always write a letter! So here it goes:

friday letters

Dear Friday (Saturday)|| Thank you for bringing the magic of weekend with you. This week has brought amazing, challenging, nerve wrecking things, but it was one heck of a week!

Dear Parents || Time has come to say goodbye, yet again. I hope, somehow, we can all live closer to each other in the near future. Thank you for all you’ve done, and constantly do, for us. You’re rockstars. I cherished it all, and Brian and I will make plans to see you hopefully within the year!

Dear Brian || I know I wasn’t the easiest to deal with this week. i blame it on the house, truly. And nerves, lots of them. But thank you for trying to reason with me, for listening and for putting things behind you so easily. I have a lot to learn from you. I love you – you’re my person.

Dear House || Please, please try not to break down. Your issues are starting to be counted in 2 hands. 2! Can we go back to simpler times when you gave us no headache? I can hear just see and feel all the $$$ you’re going to take from us. You’re young – you shouldn’t be breaking down on us!

Dear Weekend || Hello, you. I can’t wait for some much deserved bbq with friends, for getting together with our church members and to have time to sit down and work on my art. It’s been a while. Almost 2 weeks away from my paint + brushes.. If you’re kind enough, I look forward to having time to tinker around the house (I’m looking at you, baseboards).


thank you, mothers

I feel like my weekend has been super long. And it’s been glorious.

I had tons of time to spend with my mom, and we were able to shop, cook, talk and just be with each other. Just like old times. I don’t know if she knows how much this means to me.

She’s been super helpful around the house. She’s been cooking (yummy brazilian food), she’s been cleaning, and been giving me tons of advice.

This Sunday we had my MIL and FIL over. My MIL is the absolute best when it comes to gardening. People are always stopping by the shop to take pictures because of how pretty her space is. Her house is 10 times that. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and she even has a fairy garden to go with it, too.

I’ve showed you some ideas for the garden before, but this was the weekend I asked her to help me fix it up.


We spent hours looking around for plants, talking over what could happen, looking for ideas and inspiration. I will be honest and say I didn’t have the vision, because it’s plants, and I know nothing of plants. But walking around she started to put things in the cart. “do you like this?” she’d ask and all I had to say was “I trust your judgement”.


We left the nursery with tons of plants, way more than I ever thought I needed(we had 2 full carts!), and with tan lines on our shoulders. Getting  home, my mom was being super mom starting lunch. I wanted to help, but I ended up staying longer outside: digging, mixing, analyzing.

My MIL got right into it, and had tons planted in less than 30 min. How does she do that? No idea, but boy did she make it go by fast.


It will take time for all plants to grow. For now, we have an amazing start of a beautiful garden. We have more and more ideas but all of them will wait a bit until we do them. I can’t wait for the Hydrangeas to flower, and to see how it’ll hold up. So far I’ve been great with watering them, but we shall see.

I love it already. The space is small, we can’t do much without asking for permission (if we want to take any bushes down, etc), but I know in the years to come I’ll love it even more. It’ll be adorable when we decide to expand our family, and have our little one helping me water it and tend to the garden.


My MIL picked out these stones from her stream just behind her house. It was so nice of her. I thought it looked absolutely perfect on the space. She got me a bunch of Stepables, which sounds super cute, and in time will make a beautiful stepping ground around the stones to reach the back plants.stepping stones

I’m in love with these concrete pots. If I had found a 3rd bigger one I’d have gotten that too. But I like how they mix. People were stopping us at the nursery to say they thought it’d look really nice. I’m glad I found the pieces, but the overall look is all up to my MIL.garden_pots

My gratitude for you, mothers, is out of this world. Thank you for all you do. Thank  you for supporting me and my crazy ideas, thank you for taking time to help us out, thank you for all you do :)

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


the magic of early mornings


At 5:45am my alarm went off. No, I didn’t set it up. This one is my little rascal, that showers me with kisses and stands on top of me until I move.

She is a determined one.

I take the heed and start my morning. Early mornings are when I thrive. My head is light, my brain is on fire, and I get the cleaning bug.

Does anyone else?

At 6am on almost any given day you’ll find me doing all sorts of productive things.

.. this morning I finally organized my storage closet.

.. Sunday I started laundry and scrubbed the kitchen.

.. Monday I organized all my other closets in the house.

.. most days I do dishes and make sure the kitchen/dining area is clean.

Early mornings I sit down on my computer. Cereal bowl in hand, cat on my lap, and check out everything: emails, Facebook, etsy, blog.

I take time to connect, to read, to empathize. Soon enough I’ll be getting up, showering and heading to work. Feeling all sorts of accomplished and ready for my day.

At night Andrea is gone. When I come home from work it’s PJ time. Please don’t ask me to clean, or cook. I can’t stand it.

All I want to do is watch tv, and somehow find dinner ready.

When is your thriving moment? Are you an early bird like me, or a night owl?