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This past weekend was filled with friends, family, and was spent around the table.

There are few things I love more than that.

It all started Friday with my company dinner party. We went to this amazing restaurant in DC called Del Frisco, where they had this separate room reserved for us.

Dinner was excellent, as well as the company. The physicians gave this amazing speech, and I was so honored and humbled by their opinion of me and the handwork that I’ve put on their company.

Hubs and I got all fancy for the party, and I was finally able to bring out my sparkle dress again!



Saturday was another day for gift wrapping, house cleaning and for getting  back on  my feet after a long night.

I had to take my car to the shop, and it gave me some time to explore my new additions. I’m absolutely loving this book, and I can’t wait to read it all.


Sunday we headed to my in-laws after service, and spent an afternoon rolling, cutting, baking and decorating Christmas cookies.

The kiddos were getting over some nasty bug, and I have a feeling I’m about to experience it too. But they were super cute, hard working at making those cookies look amazing.


I can’t wait for more family time this week. For all the gift giving, time spending, fun having time that I always have with my family.

How was your weekend?



Day 1 – 12 Days of blogmas

Today I’m joining in with the Coastie Couple & the Petite Mrs for a fun 12 days of Blogmas!

You can find the link at the bottom of the page too. Today’s post is about your Holiday tradition.

12 days of Blogmas

The hubs and I are not quite the same when it comes to tradition. For example, Christmas in Brazil is celebrated on the 24th of December vs. the 25th. Our whole family lived close together (in the same city) so we were always celebrating it together. His is spread around the US, so we usually just spend it with his parents + siblings.

That didn’t stop us from creating our own traditions, though!

It starts by putting pup the tree on Thanksgiving Day. We always have a Christmas station on, the kitten running in between the garlands, and drinks in hand.

Our second tradition is baking christmas cookies. Usually all the family girls (girlfriends, wives, nieces, etc) will get together and bake + decorate cookies and make gingerbread houses while the guys watch football and do whatever guys do.

Our third tradition is attending Church service, usually with his parents, but this is the first year we’ve joined a Church of our own, so we’re playing it by ear  – I definitely want to worship with our community too.

Last but not least, after a day of merriment, we come home on the 25th to watch our Christmas movie – Love, Actually. We’ve done this for the past 3 years and I can’t wait to watch it this year again.

What are your holiday traditions?! And don’t forget to link up with the ladies!




PS.: The giveaway is now officially CLOSED! the winner was randomly picked and already contacted. Thank you for everyone who entered it! You’re the best!

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December weekends are the best..

Christmas decor

It’s no surprise how much I love December. I wake up to such a nice, warm living room, beautiful flickering lights… There’s something very special about how festive all December days are.

Also, somehow all of our weekends are always tied up to something Christmas related – so you won’t hear a single complaint from this girl.

This past weekend was spent at my in-laws. Saturday was the day of getting some last minute shopping done for the tree (thanks Pier 1 for some cute, unique & discounted ornaments!) and go to my in-laws to help pick out a tree and set it up.

Sunday morning saw us being formally accepted as new members to our Church. I absolutely love our community, and I love how families have been going there for over 20+ years. It’s their second home and I just hope we will soon be one of those families.

Right afterwards we went back to my in-laws to help with tree decorations. She is hosting a party on Saturday and the tree has to be done done.

It was an amazing time to be surrounded by family and decorating a 12ft tree! Ours is barely a 6-7 foot one, so it makes my day to decorate such a large one.

This weekend left me feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy from family time, and from finding our place in our church. I can only hope I can do as much for them as they have already done for us. Time to put my time to good use for our community!


A Christmas Giveaway! – closed!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, I brought  you a giveaway!

You all know how much I love Christmas. It’s by far my favorite part of the year. It’s specially perfect for those who got something extra to celebrate: newlyweds, new parents, new home owners, you name it!

Which prompted me to make this beautiful First Christmas sign!


If you don’t apply to any of these categories don’t worry! If you win, I will do my best to incorporate the best message for you in a new, similar piece. I wouldn’t want you to miss out! You can always browse my store for ideas, too!

To join in the giveaway, just follow the instructions!

I will email the winner for an address on Thursday (12/10)! So please don’t enter if you don’t feel comfortable with sharing your address. I will personally mail the item to you and your address will not be shared with anyone else.

Best of luck!


Thanksgiving Recap

This weekend has been one of the longest, best family times I’ve had in quite a while. So bear with me with all the recap, will you?

It all started Wednesday. We were released from work early and I ended up stopping at a couple of stores looking for some Christmas decor. (I know it was still early, but once Thanksgiving is over it’s game on for Christmas!)

Coming home empty handed I decided to start unpacking some of the Christmas stuff, and it looked like a tornado went by my living room. I wish I took pictures, but it really gave me anxiety looking at it, so I’d rather not remember it.

Thursday morning I had all my ingredients out and started to bake my pumpkin pie at around 8am.


We headed to my in-laws before 12 because the Eagles were playing and the guys needed to watch it. Safe to say my mother in law and I took care of the cooking and the Christmas decorations at her house while the guys watched a terrible game for Philadelphia.

Dinner was served, food was eaten, family time was had. Later it was time to come back home, turn on the Christmas music and start the decoration!

I love how my husband is game when it comes to decoration. We had plans to entertain on Friday, so I wanted the house looking pretty. Even the little rascal thought she was helping. (she was not)


Friday morning brought some more cooking and cleaning, as well as my favorite people in the world.

It was lovely seeing everyone, and if you follow me on instagram you know that my lovely goddaughter came too. She wasn’t feeling too well, but it was a blessing seeing and cuddling with her. I can’t get enough!


At night we hosted our first Friendsgiving, with rotisserie chicken and all (it is quite close to turkey, right?)

It was super nice seeing our friends and being able to enjoy another warm meal with them.

Saturday I spent the day getting some deals on last minute Christmas stuff, lounging, cleaning, and working on adding a couple of things to the store (heads up there’s a giveaway coming soon!).

At night I met up with a friend and we watched the new Hunger Games. It was sold out in 2 sessions already, so we grabbed a late one, but at least the movie theater is located in a nice town center with this gorgeous tree!


My last free day was spent going to Church, doing lots of laundry, and getting ready for the week ahead. I had time to sit down and start working on a dear project: my friend’s wedding invitation!

She requested some watercolor flowers for a nice design, and I was able to get some great results that made the bride happy. Can’t wait to transfer it to the computer and start playing with it!


It will definitely take a minute to come back full force after such a long, nice break. But I’m ready!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving with many blessings! Don’t forget to please check out the linkup and connect with Ember and some lovely ladies too!


A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is an amazing time. Getting together with family, watching football, cooking together, smelling the pumpkin pie as it bakes away in the oven.. but that’s not all.

Today is a day reserved for taking a long look and give thanks for all you have. I’m thankful for so much it would take me a long time to write it all down. So here’s the short version:

I give thanks for the food I have, the roof over my head, a healthy and close knit family, and for dear friends. I give you thanks for the love I get to experience in my life, and for the blessings that are bestowed upon me and my loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Have a blessed day!

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ANTICIPATING | Holiday season! Next week is the official opening of Christmas decorations in our house and I’m counting down the minutes!

CLEANING | all photos of projects, Fall decorations and soon enough the carpet to make way to beautiful new floors!

DREADING: snow season at my new job. They have a mean ramp and I’m not looking forward to that..

FEELING | all sorts of blessed that I’ll see my goddaughter this upcoming week. So thankful to be relatively close to her! <3

LISTENING | to Mae, Civil Wars and Evanescence. Traffic around the beltway is no joke, so I’m thankful for these oldies but goodies.

DRINKING | good ole beer. There’s always a time for that – regardless of the temperature outside.

LOVING | that I’m getting closer to my design roots. Be it a work, through the shop, at home. It never leaves you.

DECIDING | about getting my whole hair darker next time I’m at the salon. I got the tips the most absolute perfect red. Now it’s time to color all of it.

COOKING | Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I took over that tradition when I first moved in and I can’t wait to have the whole house smell like pumpkin!

WEARING | nice dresses for the wedding of a sweetest friend tomorrow!

TRYING | to really get into an exercise routine. As of now I failed 6 out of 7 days. #majorfail

DIY-ING | this awesome table project. I know the tools, I have most of them. Just waiting on our floors to be installed to make sure I get the stain to look good against the new floors.


Hope you guys have an amazing weekend ahead of you!