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happy 1st anniversary.. again?

Well, this is weird. Having 2 wedding dates. It can be a confusing task, I’ll tell you. Keeping track of how we are, today, celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary, while actually approaching our 2nd one.

You may be thinking I’m crazy, but here it goes.

Our wedding was in May, when we signed papers and vowed to spend the rest of our lives making the other happy. It was quick, with just family. Fast forward to the following January, and the wedding party for our dear extended family + friends took place.

So this is why, today, I need to do a quick recap.

View More: http://elliebephotography.pass.us/thetaylorwedding

I love you. I love that we have 2 dates to look back on to celebrate. I love you as a man, as a husband, as a professional. I can’t wait to see you as a dad when the time comes. I love how you hold me, make me feel loved and desired. I love how silly we can be, how comfortable and warm life is with you.

View More: http://elliebephotography.pass.us/thetaylorwedding

Thank you, for being my shoulder to cry on, my comedian when I’m down, my encourager when I’m lazy, my loving husband and friend each and every single day. This day is when we stood in front of our dearest and shared our promise. So it will always have its space in my heart.

Happy Anniversary(*), love.

:: All pictures are from the amazing Ellie Be Photography.


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weekend recap

Hi, everyone!

Thanks so much for following my blog and commenting on my posts – it means the world to me! So I’m back today with a recap of my weekend.


Saturday started out normal, with me running (almost) late to work – usual. The good stuff happened when I got back.

 I finally saw the hubs and exchanged all our gifts. I’m not lying when I say I was nervous about him liking it – or them. I’m sometimes too sappy for my own good, but lo and behold, he loved all of them! Let me know if you guys want to know exactly what we did, but we are following the whole anniversary gifts (this year was paper).


Then after changing into something fancy we went out to eat at this really cute and cozy italian restaurant about 15 minutes down the road from us, in downtown Fairfax.


Dinner was fabulous, wish I remembered to take a picture. But the hubs had chicken and sausage (which he loved) and I had the Veal with pesto sauce. Holy molly that thing was fantastic! I couldn’t get enough. I am not one to clean up my plate at a restaurant, but I certainly tried on Saturday.

The place was a tad too fancy for us (we are a beer couple, and we definitely felt out of place not having wine with our meal), but we will definitely keep coming back.


We got back home and couldn’t resist stopping to get the same cake we had at the wedding (we are of the mindset that red velvet rules – when done right).



Can you say yummy?! And my flowers are simply gorgeous! Hubs knows not to get me roses (am I the only one to think they are overdone?) And if you’re wondering, he’s the Flyers fan in the house. ( I’m all for the caps. Gotta represent the city you live in!)


On Sunday I met up with a bunch of girlfriends over at an outdoor area near my house. It just happened that they were having an Art Festival – win, win! We definitely browsed around and enjoyed the 70 degree weather after our lunch.


Love these girls. And the space is perfect for families. They have this Water fountain where all the kids go and run in between the water streams. It was out of service yesterday, but I’ll post a picture later with it.

I came back later and met up with another great friend of mine from college who’s back in the area and we had a frozen yogurt moment. Her daughter is super cute and full of smiles. Can’t wait to see them again.


And now a picture of Aeris, just because.


(who can resist this little face when blogging?)

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Friday Five

I’ve seen this Friday’s Five posts all over the blogosphere and of course wanted to jump in as well.


Well, here are my Friday Fives!




Pardon the image, it was middle of the night taken by the hubs, but can we talk about how cute and weird this little ball of fur is? (and pardon the mess on the nightstand, and the person under the blanket. )




These are the times I don’t mind leaving work after 8PM. Look at how pretty it still is! Warms my heart.





Believe it or not, this is what I see from my front door. I absolutely LOVE it. This gal was born and bred in an apartment pretty much all her life, so I always feel blessed to experience this gorgeous view every single day.





One thing I love doing is finding someone the perfect gift (not that it always happens, but I can try!) I’m also big on cards. But this is my most loved project to date: my first year anniversary to my dearest hubs.




I can’t end this post without pointing out my top favorite. Every Friday, and Saturday, and all days of the week. I am so blessed, happy, complete, by your side. No words can express how happy you make me feel. Can’t wait to all our futures anniversaries. I absolutely love you with all my heart.


Well, here are my Friday Faves (posted on saturday, but don’t tell anyone). I’ll see you guys back on Monday!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.