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Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is an amazing time. Getting together with family, watching football, cooking together, smelling the pumpkin pie as it bakes away in the oven.. but that’s not all.

Today is a day reserved for taking a long look and give thanks for all you have. I’m thankful for so much it would take me a long time to write it all down. So here’s the short version:

I give thanks for the food I have, the roof over my head, a healthy and close knit family, and for dear friends. I give you thanks for the love I get to experience in my life, and for the blessings that are bestowed upon me and my loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Have a blessed day!



thank you, mothers

I feel like my weekend has been super long. And it’s been glorious.

I had tons of time to spend with my mom, and we were able to shop, cook, talk and just be with each other. Just like old times. I don’t know if she knows how much this means to me.

She’s been super helpful around the house. She’s been cooking (yummy brazilian food), she’s been cleaning, and been giving me tons of advice.

This Sunday we had my MIL and FIL over. My MIL is the absolute best when it comes to gardening. People are always stopping by the shop to take pictures because of how pretty her space is. Her house is 10 times that. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and she even has a fairy garden to go with it, too.

I’ve showed you some ideas for the garden before, but this was the weekend I asked her to help me fix it up.


We spent hours looking around for plants, talking over what could happen, looking for ideas and inspiration. I will be honest and say I didn’t have the vision, because it’s plants, and I know nothing of plants. But walking around she started to put things in the cart. “do you like this?” she’d ask and all I had to say was “I trust your judgement”.


We left the nursery with tons of plants, way more than I ever thought I needed(we had 2 full carts!), and with tan lines on our shoulders. Getting  home, my mom was being super mom starting lunch. I wanted to help, but I ended up staying longer outside: digging, mixing, analyzing.

My MIL got right into it, and had tons planted in less than 30 min. How does she do that? No idea, but boy did she make it go by fast.


It will take time for all plants to grow. For now, we have an amazing start of a beautiful garden. We have more and more ideas but all of them will wait a bit until we do them. I can’t wait for the Hydrangeas to flower, and to see how it’ll hold up. So far I’ve been great with watering them, but we shall see.

I love it already. The space is small, we can’t do much without asking for permission (if we want to take any bushes down, etc), but I know in the years to come I’ll love it even more. It’ll be adorable when we decide to expand our family, and have our little one helping me water it and tend to the garden.


My MIL picked out these stones from her stream just behind her house. It was so nice of her. I thought it looked absolutely perfect on the space. She got me a bunch of Stepables, which sounds super cute, and in time will make a beautiful stepping ground around the stones to reach the back plants.stepping stones

I’m in love with these concrete pots. If I had found a 3rd bigger one I’d have gotten that too. But I like how they mix. People were stopping us at the nursery to say they thought it’d look really nice. I’m glad I found the pieces, but the overall look is all up to my MIL.garden_pots

My gratitude for you, mothers, is out of this world. Thank you for all you do. Thank  you for supporting me and my crazy ideas, thank you for taking time to help us out, thank you for all you do :)

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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Brazilians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. And after 2 years celebrating this wonderful holiday, I came to love it. Yes, we should be thankful for what we have, our health and loved ones every single day of the year, but it’s extra special to have one day where you can openly gush about it all.

I’m thankful for my husband, who puts up with me, teaches me, guides me, and most of all loves me like no one ever will. I’m thankful for our little rascal, Aeris and her cute meows. Thankful for a loving family, for my little niece/nephew and for my sister and Matt for creating this little life for me to spoil, for my health, for having a roof on our heads and for everything we do have.

I’m looking forward to some family time, pumpkin pie (just getting done – my house is surrounded by that fabulous pumpkin smell), turkey and all the goodies of Thanksgiving. May you and your family have a wonderful holiday too! And thank you, for supporting me, this blog, and for making me love this community more and more every day.

I’ll be back on Saturday with a little home tour after we finish putting up our Christmas decorations.


letting go..

Yes, I’ve borrow it from Frozen.

And yes, for the first ever time in this blog, I wrote, edited, re-edited the post, scheduled it… and deleted the post. I’ve slept on it, and thought that publishing that post would do no one good.

It’s been crazy since we’ve been back from our beautiful vacation. I let that little green monster take over me. Well, we let it take over ourselves. Our spirits were behaving like caged animals, our hearts were heavy.

Let’s say something amazing was about to happen. Truly amazing! And we were overjoyed. And then plans changed. And Brian and I had a hard time accepting the change. And it showed. My post was covered in resentment. And it wasn’t fair.



I’ve prayed, asked for guidance, asked for God to clear my heart of that resentment so I could appreciate this amazing opportunity we still have. The last thing we wanted was to come across as ungrateful. Because we are still grateful.

So I went with my heart and deleted it. And you know what? It feels wonderful to let go of that. It feels wonderful that we went through this, that we sat, thought, prayed, and overcame it. We can truly appreciate what we have now – no heavy hearts on this side of town.

I’ve learnt that sometimes you just need to sit and pray, and your burden will be lifted. Your mind will open, and you will see that being thankful is much more amazing than focusing on what you thought would happen.



Sim, eu roubei a frase de Frozen.

E sim, pela primeira vez desde que comecei o blog eu escrevi um post, editei-o, editei de novo, agendei o post. E o deletei. Eu decidi, após uma noite pensando no post, que publicá-lo não faria bem a ninguém.

Nossa vida deu uma reviravolta desde que voltamos da nossa viagem. Eu deixei aquele monstrinho tomar conta de mim. Bem, de nós.  Eu e Brian parecíamos bichos em jaulas, nossos corações estavam pesados.

Algo maravilhoso estava prestes a acontecer. Realmente maravilhoso! E nós ficamos super felizes, óbvio. E num piscar de olhos o plano mudou. Eu e Brian tivemos dificuldade em aceitar essa mudança. Meu post estava coberto de rancor, e injustiça. 

Eu rezei, pedi que Deus me guiasse, clareasse minha mente e coração desse rancor para que eu pudesse apreciar a oportunidade linda que nós ainda temos. A última coisa que eu quis era parecer ingrata. Porque acredite, Brian e eu estamos muito gratos.

Então eu segui meu coração e deletei o post. E sabe de uma coisa? Estou me sentindo muito melhor. Foi ótimo ter passado por essa situação. Nós sentamos juntos, conversamos por horas, rezamos, e superamos. Nós podemos realmente focar em nossa gratidão – nada de ter corações pesados e rancor. 

Eu aprendi que ás vezes você tem que tirar um momento para rezar e entregar a Deus. Sua mente clareia, seu coração fica leve, e você aprende a ser grato pela oportunidade que você tem – e não a focar no que poderia ter acontecido.