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Thanksgiving Recap

This weekend has been one of the longest, best family times I’ve had in quite a while. So bear with me with all the recap, will you?

It all started Wednesday. We were released from work early and I ended up stopping at a couple of stores looking for some Christmas decor. (I know it was still early, but once Thanksgiving is over it’s game on for Christmas!)

Coming home empty handed I decided to start unpacking some of the Christmas stuff, and it looked like a tornado went by my living room. I wish I took pictures, but it really gave me anxiety looking at it, so I’d rather not remember it.

Thursday morning I had all my ingredients out and started to bake my pumpkin pie at around 8am.


We headed to my in-laws before 12 because the Eagles were playing and the guys needed to watch it. Safe to say my mother in law and I took care of the cooking and the Christmas decorations at her house while the guys watched a terrible game for Philadelphia.

Dinner was served, food was eaten, family time was had. Later it was time to come back home, turn on the Christmas music and start the decoration!

I love how my husband is game when it comes to decoration. We had plans to entertain on Friday, so I wanted the house looking pretty. Even the little rascal thought she was helping. (she was not)


Friday morning brought some more cooking and cleaning, as well as my favorite people in the world.

It was lovely seeing everyone, and if you follow me on instagram you know that my lovely goddaughter came too. She wasn’t feeling too well, but it was a blessing seeing and cuddling with her. I can’t get enough!


At night we hosted our first Friendsgiving, with rotisserie chicken and all (it is quite close to turkey, right?)

It was super nice seeing our friends and being able to enjoy another warm meal with them.

Saturday I spent the day getting some deals on last minute Christmas stuff, lounging, cleaning, and working on adding a couple of things to the store (heads up there’s a giveaway coming soon!).

At night I met up with a friend and we watched the new Hunger Games. It was sold out in 2 sessions already, so we grabbed a late one, but at least the movie theater is located in a nice town center with this gorgeous tree!


My last free day was spent going to Church, doing lots of laundry, and getting ready for the week ahead. I had time to sit down and start working on a dear project: my friend’s wedding invitation!

She requested some watercolor flowers for a nice design, and I was able to get some great results that made the bride happy. Can’t wait to transfer it to the computer and start playing with it!


It will definitely take a minute to come back full force after such a long, nice break. But I’m ready!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving with many blessings! Don’t forget to please check out the linkup and connect with Ember and some lovely ladies too!


A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey


Grateful heart – Birthday edition

There are two very important dates in the year for me.

One of them is Christmas, for obvious reasons; the other is my birthday. The thing I hate the most is to let it pass without celebrating it. There’s something just wrong about letting it pass blank.

This birthday happened to fall on a Saturday, and that made it that more special. Our plans shifted about 3-4 times. First we were hanging out with family, than not, than we made plans, but it was raining, so we had to switch it up.

Saturday morning the hubs made it a point to wake up extra early to whip up a nice breakfast for us. I spoke with my parents, we got ready, and hit up the Big Flea Market in DC.

It was raining and the place was packed. But we were in great spirits. We found a couple of items I had my eyes on since forever! I finally found a nice chalkboard frame as well as a beautiful globe. I’m dying to use it to create some custom globes, and it is the perfect size and base.

After leaving the expo center we headed west to Middleburg. Let me tell you there’s probably only a handful of things I enjoy more than to go to a nice small town and walk around.

I love the atmosphere, the small shops, and the unique things you find in them.

We stopped at a Christmas shop, left empty handed, entered an antique store and found what I hope I can use as the most perfect Christmas card holder, and walked to Mount Defiance.

Middleburg, VA

They had amazing cider tastings and great ciders on tap. We ended up leaving with one growler of the Farm house style cider and I truly do love it.

Next up we hit the Red Horse Tavern for some well deserved food.

We walked around until our legs hurt and until our hearts were full. It was time to head back home, where I promptly fell asleep and the hubs used that time to bake my cake. Gotta love this man of mine.

Middleburg, VA

Sunday was spent with the family celebrating the day surrounded by loved ones. I got some pretty sweet gifts, including a cat ring dish, a nice help towards getting a better camera, and a cotton candy maker. (that says things about me, doesn’t it?)

This grateful heart is for a fantastic 28, and even better, happier, thrilling 29. For more drives to small towns, more tastings, more laughter, more family, more findings, more companionship.


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


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Grateful heart Tuesday(?)

you knot it's timevia


This grateful heart Tuesday means more than I care to admit.

This weekend I was able to open up my heart to my husband, and share more than I thought I could. I don’t know why I’m surprised, he’s my best friend, and the person I love the most. The one who’s always got my back.

Sometimes, though, my mind wonders. And I spend days, weeks, sometimes months, going over things before I think it’s enough to bring it up to him. Specially if I think it’s something that may go against what we had decided.

But life’s plans don’t follow ours. I tried to fight it, I convinced my husband that this would be the best plan. But if there’s one thing life has taught me thus far, is that your plans, and life plans, are not always the same.

And you have to be ok with that.

I’m grateful I have such an understanding, amazing, supporting man by my side. One that shares my quirks, my inklings and my views of the world.

And one that supports me wholly.

Life will show us when the best time is. Or there may never the the best time. But we feel it in our hearts that this is not it. And I’m grateful for his support, understanding, and even more, for sharing the same ideas as I do.

All is Well                                                                                                                                                 via


Weekend Recap – a grateful Heart

Weekends are the best, and should therefore be longer. (amiright?)

This weekend started by going to The Beach exhibit in DC. The hubs and I are not fans of driving into the city (/rant) If you’ve never been to D.C. sometimes roads change directions, the gps is always wrong, parking is SUPER expensive. (/end rant)

So we looked online and the exhibit was actually across the street from the metro. Jackpot! We drove our car, parked for free at the metro and rode merrily to D.C. I’ve never been to the National Building Museum. Didn’t even know where it was located. My friend found out about the exhibit and all I could think was that I needed to go.

national building museumWe didn’t really plan anything. We just knew we were going and that we wanted lunch afterwards. Turns out the waiting period is about 1.5 hours to buy your tickets, and another hour to be able to go in.

Safe to say we weren’t super happy, but we did what groups do: laughed, talked, caught up with each other’s lives and took some pictures.

The Beach - DCThe Beach - DC

The Museum is beautiful inside. We didn’t explore the other floors, but it was huge.

The Beach DC

I didn’t understand how that many people would fit in the exhibit. But I was surprised with how packed it was! Kids from all ages, elderly people jumping in the “water”. It was like relieving my childhood.

Now, if you’re a germaphobe that may not be the place for you. I couldn’t tell, but as far as I was concerned it was decently clean. It’s a ball pit, people. Things are going to have everyone’s germs on it. But it’s fun. Boy, is it fun.

The Beach - DCThe Beach DC

We all had a blast, hung out for about an hour, burring ourselves, trying to get up, chilling. It was a fun sight. I get slightly panicky when I am buried, so I wasn’t a fan of that part, but everything else was a blast. I needed Brian all the way though. I got stuck deep so many times. It was funny, but pitiful. He was a lot better than me.

And let’s not talk about the kids, ok? Because the little people were pros! diving off platforms, going all over us, while we kept getting stuck.. Is this how getting old feels? Darn, I’m too young for that!

It was a blast. I would definitely recommend this to anyone around the area. It’s open until the first week of September. So if you are around, check it out!

The Beach - DCWe ended up eating somewhere afterwards and it was delicious! We ordered pizza, and I had a gourmet chicken pesto, that was devoured before I could snap a picture (horrible blogger that I am). But I managed to snap one of our desert, who was waaaaay expensive, and had way too much alcohol in it.

the Beach DC

The waitress conveniently forgot to mention how much more expensive it would be, which put us all in a sour mood. We wouldn’t mind the price had she told us in advance, but making money like that is just dishonest. Next time I’ll stick to the menu, thank you very much.

After a nice ride home, in which I beat the hubs at Sudoku (I mean, I obsessively play this thing every day) we went over to another friend’s house for more pizza (ill planed on our part) and a round of Cards Against Humanity.

Safe to say I need this game asap! It’s not for the easily offended. You always go for the most shock factor. I shuddered at some of my own answers, but boy was it worth it. I plan on playing it again very very soon. And maybe even adding this to our own game collection.

cards against humanity

Monday was a day to rest, and get all last minute things for all the paperwork in my life. Fingers crossed, keep us in your prayers that it will all go smoothly. It’s nerve wrecking and I just hope things will go right.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


being gracious to your husband

This grateful heart Monday will come a bit different than most.

Today, I feel as if I need to dedicate this to the one my heart is most grateful for: my husband.

Brian had to step out and do a test for the advancement of his career. I brought him breakfast and let him to his devices so he could study and prepare in peace.


While that was happening I was busying myself with cleaning up the house.

It dawned on me that I’m not always gracious with my thoughts. Even when they concern my husband.

As I was picking up after him (and myself too!) I just kept thinking of how I wish he would do this, or put this away, or do things my way.


This morning I had to stop. Stop and think: is this how I want my marriage to be?

Is this the kind of wife he deserves? Someone who will complain and nag, and try to change him? Wish him different, somehow? Belittle him, even in her thoughts?





I took a moment to breathe in, and out.

“He’s got a big test to focus on.” I reminded myself. “Let him be.”

It appalled me how ungracious and wrong I felt then.

I quietly muttered an apology, and started putting things away. With a calmer soul. A clearer head.


I have my moments too. Where I forget the big things and focus on the negative.

I need, and want, to me more gracious. Not only in general, but specially to my husband.

The same one who hugs me tight when I need.

Who goes to church with me, who prays, and adores with me.

Who knows my favorite tastes.

Who is bettering himself for our sake, and our marriage.

Who has come so far already in terms of household chores.


I appreciate you. I appreciate all you do.


Sometimes it’s just easy to forget. But I want to direct my annoyance at something else. I want to make sure my thoughts, and actions are one and the same. We are a partnership. It’s how God intended marriages to be.

Your strength is in the planning aspects, the 5 year plans, the goals.

My strength is in the now. In making this house a home, in figuring out dinner, in remembering people’s gifts.


We work better together than separate. That is for sure. And I will try to hold myself back before I nag. Try to show you I truly, deeply, lovingly appreciate you and all you’ve done for us.

I’m grateful for you. Today, always. Partners for life, right?


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey/>