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December weekends are the best..

Christmas decor

It’s no surprise how much I love December. I wake up to such a nice, warm living room, beautiful flickering lights… There’s something very special about how festive all December days are.

Also, somehow all of our weekends are always tied up to something Christmas related – so you won’t hear a single complaint from this girl.

This past weekend was spent at my in-laws. Saturday was the day of getting some last minute shopping done for the tree (thanks Pier 1 for some cute, unique & discounted ornaments!) and go to my in-laws to help pick out a tree and set it up.

Sunday morning saw us being formally accepted as new members to our Church. I absolutely love our community, and I love how families have been going there for over 20+ years. It’s their second home and I just hope we will soon be one of those families.

Right afterwards we went back to my in-laws to help with tree decorations. She is hosting a party on Saturday and the tree has to be done done.

It was an amazing time to be surrounded by family and decorating a 12ft tree! Ours is barely a 6-7 foot one, so it makes my day to decorate such a large one.

This weekend left me feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy from family time, and from finding our place in our church. I can only hope I can do as much for them as they have already done for us. Time to put my time to good use for our community!


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Weekend Recap/ Grateful Heart

Am I the only one obsessing over this upcoming 3 day weekend? It feels like time passes by way too fast when you’re off from work.

This weekend was pretty amazing though, and quite a few things happened. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed that I finally got started with my KonMarie tidying up method. I’m not following it quite by the book (oops), but 99% of clothes were purged. I just need to tackle our coat closet, of which I know of a couple items I am ready to part with.

But this is how it all started:

Saturday morning I woke up quite early, spent my quiet morning sipping my breakfast and reading and catching up on Fixer Upper until my friend and I met up at the Farmer’s Market. It had been a while since I’ve been in one and I’m obsessed again. Plus, they take cards which make my life easier.farmers_market

I went from there straight to the salon, to see my favorite gals, and to beg for a cut, which luckily I got. Ohmerged it’s so short on the back I love it!


I came home and on a spur of the moment decided I needed to clean out the closet putting Miss Kondo’s techniques to test. I tried to take all music out and for the most part I did. Then I added some relaxation music, and then I gave up and watched tv. The house was too silent and it kinda of freaked me out.

I started with a massive circle of clothing around me, going item by item until I touched, looked at, and felt everything. It funny to thing that you have to do that, but it truly is a game changer. It’s like you’re studying your relationship with a single item.

konmarie method

I am scared to admit, but it took me about 5.5 hours to go through all my belongings and to put them back in the closet. When I decide to do something, I go all out. So I spent some time moving things around in the closet  (which I share with the hubs), adding/removing shelves and figuring out where I needed to place things to spark joy every time I walked in the closet.

I won’t add a picture of the closet per se, because I think it’s a bit weird, plus when you still have enough clothing it never quite looks super organized (which pains me to no end), but it looks tons better and I’m so proud that I took enough time to follow through with it!

This is the halfway point of purging. Don’t be fooled, I’m sure there were easily over 150 articles of clothing on that pile one I was done.


Sunday I was woken up at 5am by pets that know not the meaning of a weekend. I stalled until 6, but lost the battle. So back I went to sip on some more breakfast, read my book and enjoy a quiet morning.

We had my brother in law and his girlfriend over for a barbecue and pool time. It was super nice! We grilled the veggies we got at the farmer’s market, got some sun, and enjoyed each other.

The end of the night was spent watching Fear of the Walking Dead (which is starting off to be super awesome), and finishing up with tidying my bedside table. I cuddled the little rascal, while shaking my head to all things vmas.


All in all, I got tons done this weekend, and it made me think back to how grateful I am to all my friendships and all the amazing news the girls had to share, of family and how much I enjoy spending time with them, and with how thankful I am for owning enough that I can take time to give some of it away to people that will cherish them a lot more than I will.

How was your weekend?


Thankful Heart – Weekend Recap

Thank you so so much for everyone who commented on my last post. I’ve been feeling better than ever! I’m so excited for the rest of the year, and looking forward to anything life decides to throw my way. I will share the breakthrough and I hope you guys will find it as exciting as I do.

But now, on to the recap!

This Friday night we were able to leave work a little early to try and escape Baltimore’s traffic. Well, try being the key word. There’s no avoiding traffic at 495, as I’m sure any locals would confirm.

But we did. We drove about 1.5 hours until we got to Baltimore and found a nice Beer Garden to sit down and wait for his friends.Beer Garden Baltimore

I absolutely loved the decor and style. Plus the beers were really good too!

We finished our beer + snacks and went on to get good spots at the concert. We went to see Citizen Cope, and it was pretty amazing. It’s more of a band that Brian likes than I do, so I didn’t know most of the lyrics. It was still amazing. He has such a unique voice – it’s enthralling. I’ve shared a video on my page on Facebook. You should check it out!

Citizen Cope

As we were leaving, there was another band playing outside of the venue. Of course we stopped there for a while, but my body was slowing shutting down from lack of sleep, therefore we hurried back to the car.

Burnt Sienna

Saturday was a great catch up day. I did all the laundry, hemmed both the curtains and my pants with some tape (I don’t own a sewing machine – yikes!) and worked on the secret project for most of the day.

I did step out for a bit to get new curtains + some baskets for our linen closet. So I wasn’t a complete bum. ;)

Sunday started with some cleaning, organizing and putting up the new curtains. They were a dark brown before, but I felt it was too dark for the room.

I convinced the hubs to put them up and I’m literally swooning over this hazy light coming from our windows.

New curtains

We had to go for a quick outing to grab dessert, because, obviously. And spent the rest of the night just enjoying each other and passing time. Which is great for gearing up to this busy week ahead!

How was your weekend?

Linking up with this amazing lady today!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey



This week has been insane.  And it’s only Wednesday. yikes!

My days have been nothing short of crazy, so here’s a sneak peek at my life!


1. New friends! – I have finally added some of my artwork to my office wall and it’s made me super happy! I designated 2 walls for my artwork. The other side has been up for a while, and it houses most of my lettering work. I wanted this side to be all about detailed, delicate flowers. I’m in love!

2. New journey! – This week marks the start of my new journey. I found a new job! It’s in a very prestigious doctor’s office, and so far it’s been nothing short of challenging, but amazing. I’m tired, but excited. I can’t wait to see where that takes me.

3. Friendship – I had all my former coworkers come to my house for some bbq and fun. It was sweltering (95º!), but the food was amazing (I cooked Jenn’s Chicken Buffalo dip and it was all gone! Such a hit!). We ended the night playing some Cards Against Humanity and laughing about how awful it is.

4. Life– My life has been filled with tons of paperwork. Being a foreigner is no fun, but it’s totally worth it. I hope USCIS can be nice enough to me and let me stay where I am – I truly love my life: my hubs, our home, our kitten, future babies. Love them all. Can’t imagine having to say goodbye to them.

5. Free time! – My work schedule has flipped to an amazing 8-5pm. So I’m out of the door when I’m really energetic (love me some morning!) and I’m back by 5:40 – 6. Ready to enjoy a long, nice, quiet night.

Sorry that this week’s posts will be scattered. I had too much fun on Sunday to remember pictures – I told about being a bad blogger – and worked Saturday. So from now on my weekends will start looking normal. And there’s so much in store for this weekend. I’m so excited!


Weekend Recap – a grateful Heart

Weekends are the best, and should therefore be longer. (amiright?)

This weekend started by going to The Beach exhibit in DC. The hubs and I are not fans of driving into the city (/rant) If you’ve never been to D.C. sometimes roads change directions, the gps is always wrong, parking is SUPER expensive. (/end rant)

So we looked online and the exhibit was actually across the street from the metro. Jackpot! We drove our car, parked for free at the metro and rode merrily to D.C. I’ve never been to the National Building Museum. Didn’t even know where it was located. My friend found out about the exhibit and all I could think was that I needed to go.

national building museumWe didn’t really plan anything. We just knew we were going and that we wanted lunch afterwards. Turns out the waiting period is about 1.5 hours to buy your tickets, and another hour to be able to go in.

Safe to say we weren’t super happy, but we did what groups do: laughed, talked, caught up with each other’s lives and took some pictures.

The Beach - DCThe Beach - DC

The Museum is beautiful inside. We didn’t explore the other floors, but it was huge.

The Beach DC

I didn’t understand how that many people would fit in the exhibit. But I was surprised with how packed it was! Kids from all ages, elderly people jumping in the “water”. It was like relieving my childhood.

Now, if you’re a germaphobe that may not be the place for you. I couldn’t tell, but as far as I was concerned it was decently clean. It’s a ball pit, people. Things are going to have everyone’s germs on it. But it’s fun. Boy, is it fun.

The Beach - DCThe Beach DC

We all had a blast, hung out for about an hour, burring ourselves, trying to get up, chilling. It was a fun sight. I get slightly panicky when I am buried, so I wasn’t a fan of that part, but everything else was a blast. I needed Brian all the way though. I got stuck deep so many times. It was funny, but pitiful. He was a lot better than me.

And let’s not talk about the kids, ok? Because the little people were pros! diving off platforms, going all over us, while we kept getting stuck.. Is this how getting old feels? Darn, I’m too young for that!

It was a blast. I would definitely recommend this to anyone around the area. It’s open until the first week of September. So if you are around, check it out!

The Beach - DCWe ended up eating somewhere afterwards and it was delicious! We ordered pizza, and I had a gourmet chicken pesto, that was devoured before I could snap a picture (horrible blogger that I am). But I managed to snap one of our desert, who was waaaaay expensive, and had way too much alcohol in it.

the Beach DC

The waitress conveniently forgot to mention how much more expensive it would be, which put us all in a sour mood. We wouldn’t mind the price had she told us in advance, but making money like that is just dishonest. Next time I’ll stick to the menu, thank you very much.

After a nice ride home, in which I beat the hubs at Sudoku (I mean, I obsessively play this thing every day) we went over to another friend’s house for more pizza (ill planed on our part) and a round of Cards Against Humanity.

Safe to say I need this game asap! It’s not for the easily offended. You always go for the most shock factor. I shuddered at some of my own answers, but boy was it worth it. I plan on playing it again very very soon. And maybe even adding this to our own game collection.

cards against humanity

Monday was a day to rest, and get all last minute things for all the paperwork in my life. Fingers crossed, keep us in your prayers that it will all go smoothly. It’s nerve wrecking and I just hope things will go right.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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weekend recap

Hey guys! It’s sorta been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, not much has been going on at these parts. Well, that’s a lie. Lot’s have been going on, but nothing too exciting. But let’s see!

I’ve been on a desk hunt for what feels like forever. It’s still on. I ordered one from amazon and after 2 deliveries in which the product was broken I just gave up and asked for my money back. If it takes you 3 times to deliver an item that isn’t faulty it says tons about the quality.

So today I’m hitting up ikea in  hopes of finding the perfect one. I’ve seen a couple of ideas for ikea hacks that I’m already dying to do.



Right? But we will see.. Sometimes they don’t really last too long, and they don’t really go with the decor right now. So we shall see.

Besides that we spent Sunday painting the guest bedroom. The paint was chipped on so many different places, so we went ahead and decided to get some fun, deep blue color. We went with Glidden in Country House.

I will post about the room once we finish it, which will probably be next week. We are waiting on President’s Day for a really good mattress deal.

Also, my sister’s baby shower is coming up. Safe to say I’m elbows deep into it. It has been so much fun though. Really. I am loving it. Here is a sneak peek on what you guys can expect from my Event Planner skills (ha, ha).


my little rascal. I mean, helper.


I found these amazing watering cans at Michaels, and for 40% off! I needed them. They go perfectly with the color scheme, are adorable, and can you say shower?!

I’ll catch you guys later on the week! Have a great one!

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weekend recap

Hi, everyone!

Thanks so much for following my blog and commenting on my posts – it means the world to me! So I’m back today with a recap of my weekend.


Saturday started out normal, with me running (almost) late to work – usual. The good stuff happened when I got back.

 I finally saw the hubs and exchanged all our gifts. I’m not lying when I say I was nervous about him liking it – or them. I’m sometimes too sappy for my own good, but lo and behold, he loved all of them! Let me know if you guys want to know exactly what we did, but we are following the whole anniversary gifts (this year was paper).


Then after changing into something fancy we went out to eat at this really cute and cozy italian restaurant about 15 minutes down the road from us, in downtown Fairfax.


Dinner was fabulous, wish I remembered to take a picture. But the hubs had chicken and sausage (which he loved) and I had the Veal with pesto sauce. Holy molly that thing was fantastic! I couldn’t get enough. I am not one to clean up my plate at a restaurant, but I certainly tried on Saturday.

The place was a tad too fancy for us (we are a beer couple, and we definitely felt out of place not having wine with our meal), but we will definitely keep coming back.


We got back home and couldn’t resist stopping to get the same cake we had at the wedding (we are of the mindset that red velvet rules – when done right).



Can you say yummy?! And my flowers are simply gorgeous! Hubs knows not to get me roses (am I the only one to think they are overdone?) And if you’re wondering, he’s the Flyers fan in the house. ( I’m all for the caps. Gotta represent the city you live in!)


On Sunday I met up with a bunch of girlfriends over at an outdoor area near my house. It just happened that they were having an Art Festival – win, win! We definitely browsed around and enjoyed the 70 degree weather after our lunch.


Love these girls. And the space is perfect for families. They have this Water fountain where all the kids go and run in between the water streams. It was out of service yesterday, but I’ll post a picture later with it.

I came back later and met up with another great friend of mine from college who’s back in the area and we had a frozen yogurt moment. Her daughter is super cute and full of smiles. Can’t wait to see them again.


And now a picture of Aeris, just because.


(who can resist this little face when blogging?)